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Howo classical  wrecker truck

Howo classical  wrecker truck

重汽王牌蓝牌清障车 前侧图

Heavy truck chassis wrecker ace classical configuration: The heavy truck chassis ace 3360mm, 1900mm in the body of a cab, Isuzu 115 horsepower engine, six-speed gearbox, rear axle 6 t, 7.Steel tire 00, power steering, air brake brake, the original air conditioning, central locking, electric glass, remote keyless entry, ABS.

Blue heavy truck trump truckd wrecker vehicle configurations: five National Heavy Duty Truck ace classical wrecker, C driving license to.4 the length of the truck plate.2 m, width 2.32 m, thick diamond plate 4 can be flat or shaped disposable stamping perforated plate, the end plate or the selection of the new board pull-inverting transom, length 1.2 m.Tops 4 tons, four tons with a hydraulic winch, the rope 25 m, bilateral linkage operation, the auxiliary wheel trolley with a pair of cbm socket pair lorry set of tools, the strap 4 sets, two lamps work with yellow long row of LED lights.I wrecker skilled products using advanced technology, production processes, all imported hydraulic seal member, the new skid plate, reinforcing beam fixed type, bearing capacity is enhanced, and the die stamping surface with the loading platform, stamina deformation, and in the Euro with after-sales service sites, to ensure that the household.

重汽王牌蓝牌清障车 车型实景


重汽王牌蓝牌清障车 正侧图

Blue heavy truck trump truckd issued wrecker vehicle: chassis certification, vehicle certification, unified national invoices motor vehicle, vehicle tools, vehicle warranty manuals, service stations nationwide directory.

National Heavy Duty Truck ace five classical wrecker has been declared by the national environmental standards announcement, the families can rest assured, because part of special vehicles, different engine types, so there will be differences in vehicle prices.Please contact us before purchase, we will recommend the most appropriate vehicle configuration and the best price for you according to your needs.


重汽王牌蓝牌清障车 上装细节

重汽王牌蓝牌清障车 上装细节

重汽王牌蓝牌清障车 上装细节

重汽王牌蓝牌清障车 前侧图

When it comes to heavy truck trump truckd, usually think of heavy-duty light truck, light truck and actually trump the other configuration models is also very rich, especially in the engine, from the smallest to the largest Xichai 490 Dulwich F40, there can be a variety of power election, today is what it is equipped with Isuzu-powered light load logistics edition models.

重汽王牌蓝牌清障车 驾驶室

Cab width of 2080mm, and therefore can be equipped with 2.4 meters wide truckgo box.Since a wide cab, the interior space is relatively spacious interior mainly black and brown colors, more dirt.Comes standard with air conditioning, electric windows, central locking and so on, the main outlet at Fujia have cup holders, to warm and cold drinks.

重汽王牌蓝牌清障车 底盘

Isuzu power has been more popular, there is currently Ace light truck Isuzu 493, VM Isuzu engine options.493 6 wherein the engine speed match box, since the weaker power, manufacturers recommend truckrying capacity of 4 tons; the user needs a little higher, alternatively Isuzu VM with seven gear box, pull 4-6 tons, which is below a truck pictures diagram.Isuzu in addition to hybrid technology, the design has also affected the domestic light truck, light truck trump truckd is one of them, but it also retains placed outside mirror configuration.

重汽王牌蓝牌清障车 驾驶室

Ace light truck will breathe brake handle disposed at positions rearward of the main no barrier between the passenger seat, people can make the space lying rest.

重汽王牌蓝牌清障车 发动机

Isuzu engine VM series JE4D28Q5F, 2.8L displacement, maximum power of 132 horsepower, the standard treatment after the Euro reached 5 using SCR.

重汽王牌蓝牌清障车 变速箱

Although the non-overloaded truck, but the truck matches a gear transmission 7, any course that it have the ability to pull heavy truckgo.

重汽王牌蓝牌清障车 后桥

4 is a rear axle.2 ton welding axle, the speed ratio 4.875, and uses the truckrier plate springs 10 + 8, the truck is not low load capacity actually true.

重汽王牌蓝牌清障车 油箱

120 l capacity tank aluminum alloy.

重汽王牌蓝牌清障车 轮胎

Linglong brand tire 16 level, size 7.50R16.

重汽王牌蓝牌清障车 演示效果

The following table shows the technical parameters Wrecker



The following table is the wrecker staging scheme (particularly subject to actual purchase accounting for reference)



Competition model configuration comparison

product name

Ace classical wrecker

Dongfeng classical wrecker

‘Microsoft elegant black”Sans-serif”> Isuzu classical wrecker

Omar classical wrecker


Jiangxi Isuzu115horsepower










6.50Steel tire

7.00Steel tire

7.00Steel tire

7.00Steel tire



5.997×2.3×2.twenty twoMeter

5.995×2.3×2.twenty twoMeter


air conditioning





Number of stock

Now truck

Now truck



Guide price

12.5Ten thousand

10.8Ten thousand

14.9Ten thousand

13.9Ten thousand




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