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15 veículos de limpar e desinfectar para combater este surto CONVID-19

março 30, 2020

Suiz Daily News correspondente relatórios Mo Xuan: Em dias recentes, a fim de minimizar a propagação do vírus do crescimento e da cidade de Wuhan, Hubei se concentrará na área em torno das operações de esterilização do hospital, mercados, veículo de Wang que corre nas ruas da cidade para participar da esterilização, tem 15 cars from eight tons to clean and disinfect corporate earnings peak Suizhou Environmental Technology Group Co., Ltd. donated.

Since the epidemic prevention and control warfare broke out, profit-environment as an environmental protection equipment manufacturing enterprises to actively respond to the call, launched an emergency rush to the rescue Wuhan, Hubei action to combat the epidemic in the New Year’s Eve.Business-related person in charge, after communication with relevant departments of Wuhan City was informed that the surrounding local hospital staff is the main gathering place, more people access, use of artificial sterilization operations cumbersome and there is a risk.To this end, profit-environment decided to play a business advantage, to Wuhan donated 15 vehicles to clean and disinfect, helping to fight this outbreak blocking action.

Profit-environment donate 15 8 tons disinfectant cleaner vehicles to Wuhan./ Photo provided by the respondents

In order to protect the vehicle can reach epidemic occurred as soon as possible, profit-environmental emergency deployment of equipment and supplies in the New Year’s Day, and arrange for professional and technical engineers and management personnel back to the shop.Combined with the outbreak cleaning and disinfection requirements, technical personnel vehicles were converted, mainly imported professional anti-corrosion material on the internal tank disinfection of vehicles covered by the specialized anti-corrosion coating, the coating can effectively prevent corrosion and ensure that vehicles in use disinfectant process to achieve security leak.After three days of fighting, 15 clean and disinfect all vehicles complete refit in January 27 and ready to go.

Business-related person in charge, these vehicles are cleaned and disinfected emergency cleaning aimed primarily at urban major epidemic event designed for mobile-specific emergency equipment sterilization, disinfection products with multi-mode operation, intelligent automatic disinfection operation and high corrosion resistance and other characteristics, every car daily disinfection area of 500,000 square meters up to 30 ~.In epidemic prevention and control during and after the epidemic prevention and control can play a very powerful disinfection cleaning and disinfection sterilization.

Profit-environmental cleaning and disinfection donated car in Wuhan city streets to participate in sterilization operations.

janeiro 29, these clean and disinfect car official “trabalho”, ride in the streets of Wuhan, the huge tanks along the road to the rear of the air spray disinfectant mist, a wide range of disinfection.Wuhan Municipal Law Enforcement Committee of the relevant person in charge, these clean and disinfect every area of a car in Wuhan, the district sanitation department has arranged for staff and drivers to sign, Municipal Law Enforcement Commission also based on the receipt, handling vehicle allocation procedures.

Sweep swept away, rush to the rescue Wuhan look clean and disinfect car video.


Original title: “Suizhou madedisinfection Che Fu Wuhan posts

Profit-actively support environmental epidemic prevention and control, cleaning and disinfection donated 15 vehicles

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