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One vehicle for two purposes: Dongfeng Duolika high-pressure cleaning fecal suction truck

February 16, 2021

Dongfeng Dolica high-pressure cleaning fecal suction truck adopts Dongfeng Dolica Class II chassis, 3800 wheelbase, Yuchai 140 horsepower engine, 5-speed gearbox, direction assist, 24V battery, flat head, single-row reversible cab, 2.5T front axle +6T rear axle. The special parts are equipped with Yifeng high-power vacuum pump with a pumping rate of 63 cubic meters per hour; the high-pressure cleaning pump uses a 160 kg pump imported from Italy with a pressure of 32MPA; automatic retracting reel (with 2 60m high-pressure cleaning hoses) ; At the same time, 2 8m fecal suction pipes are also equipped. The effective volume of the whole tank is 7 cubic meters, which is divided into 3 cubic meters water tank and 4 cubic meters manure tank.



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