Nanjun Sales Truck


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Nanjun Sales Truck Euro VI

Nanjun Sales Truck )

Vehicle technical parameters of Nanjun Sales Truck
product name Nanjun Sales Truck Vehicle model STD5020XSHJJ6
Total mass (Kg) 2510 Vehicle size (mm) 5200*1800*2650
Rated mass (Kg) 495 Box size (mm) 3100*1700*1800
Curb weight (Kg) 1885 Maximum speed (km/h) 115

Nanjun Sales Truck

Chassis technical parameters
Chassis name Nanjun Chassis model NJA1034SDB32V
Number of tires 4 Tire specifications 175R14LT8PR Tubeless Tire
Emission Standards Euro Six Fuel type gasoline
engine model 112 horsepower Wheelbase (mm) 3070
Upload configuration
Chassis configuration: 1.5 displacement, 112 horsepower. Five gears, cab air-conditioning, direction assist, central lock, electric glass, LCD screen, ABS. The sales window is opened on both sides, and the back door is lifted up.
Upload configuration: The box body is made of internal and external color steel plates, with a bar counter on both sides of the box body, and the tailgate is upturned as a whole
Nanjun Sales Truck

175R14LT 8PR

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