Mobile vending truck


Hubei Chengli Automobile: The product model and parameter configuration of mobile vending trucks, high-definition pictures of mobile vending trucks, and the latest quotation of Chengli automobile series mobile vending trucks, please call the customer service hotline. Parameter configuration: The outer panel adopts 1.2MM thick cold-rolled plate for one-time forming of blinds. The interior is made of aluminum with good conductivity and has ventilation holes. The inner lining is a rectangular tube. The skeleton is firm and stable. The inner filling is breathable, moisture-proof and flame-retardant. Extruded board, four materials…

Mobile vending truck

Mobile vending truck
Parameter configuration
Upload configuration

The floor adopts anti-corrosion, non-slip aluminum pattern board, LED lighting, with a 105A battery to supply power to the cabin lighting, and a socket on the left and right front of the cabin, equipped with 1 megaphone, 2 tweeters, and speakers with amplifiers can be used for publicity while walking. , The truck body can be unfolded on 3 sides, and the bar counter with shelves turned outwards on both sides. It is equipped with a mains external power interface for convenient use of electric appliances. Optional configuration The whole vehicle is available in multiple colors; 220V power supply engine can be installed in the truck to generate electricity; batteries and inverters can be installed to power electrical appliances; Freezers, cold drinks machines, vending machines, cooking utensils, etc. can be customized; Optional glass fiber reinforced plastic overall shape; optional side flap/rear door with different structures on the left and right sides; optional LED screen, overhead air conditioner, diversion cover, light box advertisement.

Chassis configuration

Dimensions (m) 5.1x1.9x2.6 Cargo compartment size (m) 2.95x1.77x1.73 Total mass (kg) 1970 Rated mass (kg) 255 Curb weight (kg) 1585 Maximum speed (km/h) 120 Fuel Type of gasoline emission standard Euro four wheelbase (m) 2.9 Tire size 165R14LT Chassis brand/model Oruka/ZQ1020K73FJ Engine brand/model Haima/HMA GM12-NR Power (kW/ps) 67/91 Displacement (L) 1.244

Vehicle description

The appearance is beautiful and novel, and the internal structure is scientific. It integrates functions such as barbecue, blanching, frying, teppanyaki, spicy and steaming, etc. It has multiple functions and is favored by more customers. It expands money-making channels and mainly solves small problems. This investment problem reduces the risk of starting a business. Mobile shops can be operated in night markets, shopping malls, supermarkets, schools, factories, pedestrian streets, residential areas, etc.; it is also suitable for combined operation of existing stores, which is convenient for spreading and mobile operation.

After-sales service

Three guarantees of after-sales service for chassis and bodywork for one year or 30,000 kilometers

payment method

Prepaid deposit for production, pay the balance in installments before picking up the truck


Down payment ratio 30%

Mode of transport

Come to the company to pick up or deliver the truck to the company's logistics department

Mobile vending truck
Mobile vending truck

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