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Many cities see artillery and fog sprinkler

With particular reference to environmental protection, waste, environmentally friendly behavior means that a person’s quality of education and leadership in his speech at the latest by 2020, as the quality of the environment marks a Euro’s dignity and strength.

In many cities now you can see traces of artillery and fog sprinkler, mist gun truckriage, while the sprinkler is also widely used in city streets.

Sites, factories, coal mines, power plants, ports, roads, gardens can be seen trying to fog artillery sprinkler, sprinkler green screen dust, labor, and equipment is quietly lead us into a green life, the beginning of our Green Life!

Fog sprinkler artillery and are arranged: a road surface with a front portion of the sprinkler irrigation, both cbms of the spray device, with the rear work platform installation green sprinkler gun (gun adjustable spray shape), adjustable straight-shaped, heavy rain on the platform, rain, drizzle, continuous adjustment range of up to 28 m, vertical suction ≤7 meters, plus vehicle-mounted high efficiency breezeSprayer, Spraying gun atomization effect, remote spray.Interface with the fire, gravity valve, self-priming from the discharge.

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Dust artillery truck fog sprinkler what’s the difference?Another difference is that foggy artillery installed a fog machine guns than the sprinkler, and dust suppression truck, also known as fog anti dust truck 🙂

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With fog machine gun artillery fog of dust suppression characteristics of the vehicle: 1.Greening and environmental protection skill powerful, long range, good penetration dedusting dust effect


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