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Liuqi Chenglong M3 advertising vehicle

Liuqi Chenglong M3 advertising vehicle parameter configuration table and picture display

Liuqi Chenglong M3 publicity vehicle is a special vehicle used for advertising and popular science publicity. The special device is LED screen. LED screens, LED lifting screens, roller light boxes, strip screens, event stages, etc. can be installed on the left and right sides. , The left and right sides of the truck body are generally equipped with P5 or P6 specifications outdoor full-color LED screens, the sizes are: 3840*1760mm, 3840*1728mm, the rear optional blinds, rear door, the rear conventional optional P10 single red text LED screen , The specification is 1280*1440mm, the appearance of the cab can be selected in various colors, and the propaganda text, logos and marks can be sprayed or pasted in the cab. According to the electric power of the LED screen outside the truck , the truck body is equipped with 8KW or 15KW diesel silent generator, as well as ventilation and heat dissipation system, LED screen playback system, electronic control hydraulic system (for LED screen lifting, folding stage, vehicle balance legs, etc.) .
Vehicle model: CLW5040XXCLZ5;
Vehicle size: 5995*2128*3100
柳汽乘龙M3广告  LED Advertising truck /LED  LED Advertising truck
[Chassis configuration]
Wheelbase 3360, L25 single-row cab, JE439ZLQ5, 5MTI280 engine, Ф265 clutch, 5T rear axle/5.571, 190(5) frame, 120L plastic fuel tank, 7.00R16, fixed cab suspension, electric glass lifter, Remote control key + central control lock (four locks in one), air conditioner, air brake, ABS, disc front axle + self-adjusting arm rear axle;
[Upload configuration]:
1. The driving side is a P6 or P5 outdoor color screen (P6 screen: 3840*1728mm/ P5 screen: 3840*1760mm); the tailgate is a P10 single red subtitle screen 1280*1440mm;
2. The co-pilot side is a glass roller advertising light box, which can automatically play 3-5 sets of inkjet advertising cloth (when the double-sided screen is optional, the glass roller will be cancelled);
3. It is equipped with 1 Omar ultra-quiet diesel 8KW generator (Omar 15KW when double-sided screen is optional), 1 Huntkey industrial computer, 1 power amplifier, 4 vertical waterproof sound columns;
4. The box body is made of composite steel frame outer Mongolian cold-rolled steel plate, the top of the inside is high-grade wood grain board, and the floor is made of aluminum pattern anti-skid board;
5. Adopt Gigabit media control, mechatronics control, internal and external power switching system; external 220V mains power device;
6. Other accessories: 1 P6 spare screen, 1 power box, 10 cables, 20 meters of external wires;
7. Optional configuration: screen hydraulic lifting system lifting (height 1.5 meters); hydraulic stage (10 cbm meters); double-sided screen; body hydraulic legs;
柳汽乘龙LED  LED Advertising truck 柳汽乘龙  LED Advertising truck 内部
Liuqi Chenglong M3 publicity truck interior
LED Advertising Truck , ,

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