Liuqi Chenglong 8×4 16-ton truck-mounted crane


Liuqi Chenglong 8x4 16-ton truck-mounted crane

Overview: Liuqi Chenglong has the configuration of the first four and the last eight 16-ton truck-mounted cranes: the biggest feature of the car is that it is equipped with a Yuchai 350-horsepower engine, and can be equipped with 16-ton cranes of various brands. The XCMG 16-ton crane is the For example, the guide price on this site: ¥557,000. Users can choose to pay in installments, with a down payment of 30% and no handling fee.

Liuqi Chenglong 8×4 16-ton truck-mounted crane

Chassis Review Liuqi Chenglong 8x4 16-ton truck-mounted crane

1. Liuqi Chenglong's 16-ton truck-mounted crane is the latest new model launched by Liuqi. It has attracted a lot of attention as soon as it is launched. The high-value cab is of high-end atmosphere. The dedicated truck-mounted crane model is equipped with a professionally customized Yuchai 350-horsepower golden power engine. The professional truck-mounted crane has thickened beams and adopts high-strength steel. The price also has a great advantage over similar models. It is currently 12 tons -The most popular among the 16-ton truck-mounted cranes.

2. Chenglong H51S mid-body cab, mechanical full suspension cab, airbag seat, electric doors and windows, central control door lock, automatic air conditioning. Chenglong professional vehicle terminal, driving recorder + Beidou GPS, with ABS, aluminum alloy fuel tank, aluminum alloy gas tank, maintenance-free battery.

3. Yuchai 350 horsepower engine, Shaanxi Fast 10-speed gearbox (model: 10JSD140T, QH50 flange power take-off), 153 double rear axles, speed ratio 4.1, reinforced thickened front and rear leaf springs, double riding bolts , The girders are 282mm local three-layer girders, and the position of the crane is reinforced.

Configuration of XCMG 16-ton crane: optional XCMG 16-ton five-section straight arm crane, high-altitude seat operation, high-altitude operation with electronic display system, which can record the lifting weight at any time to prevent the crane from being overloaded to lift goods. The crane has a maximum working radius of 18.5 meters and a lifting height of 20 meters. The front hydraulic outrigger is standard, and the single-chamber hydraulic rear outrigger and the double-chamber hydraulic rear outrigger are optional. Users can also choose Sany, Shimei, Chengli and other crane brands.

The length of the box can be made 8.2 meters. If you think that the cargo box is not long enough, you can install a shadow-hiding pull-out cargo box structure, which can extend the length of the cargo box by 0.6-0.8 meters, up to 1.2 meters. The standard thickness of the cargo box is 2mm on the sides and 4mm on the bottom, and the beam channel steel is reinforced. The cargo box can also be thickened according to customer requirements, and the beam square steel is reinforced. The bottom of the cargo box is made of square tube plate, which is connected with the original XCMG sub-beam at the installation position of the crane, and the heavy-load cargo box is not easily deformed.

Liuqi Chenglong 8×4 16-ton truck-mounted crane

Model advantages: Liuqi Chenglong H5 is equipped with a Yuchai 350-horsepower engine on the front four and rear eight chassis, which has strong power and is suitable for heavy-duty climbing and mountain roads; it can be installed with a 16-ton crane, which has a large lifting capacity and a wide operating range.

Parameters of Liuqi Chenglong's 16-ton truck-mounted crane

vehicle name Liuqi Chenglong's first four and last eight 16-ton truck-mounted cranes and Liuqi's 16-ton truck-mounted cranes
vehicle model Chenglong LZ5310JSQH7FB
Manufacturer Chengli Special Vehicle Co., Ltd.
Vehicle size 12000×2550×3960mm (length, width and height)
Cargo size 8200×2470×550mm (length, width and height)
engine model YC6L350-50, Yuchai 350hp
gearbox Shaanxi tooth ten-speed gearbox, 10JSD140T
Girder Specifications 282(8+4)mm local three-layer frame
Front and rear axles 2*153 rear axle, 4.10 speed ratio, widened brake
tire model 11.00R20 steel wire tire
Chassis configuration Liuqi Chenglong H5 has a special chassis for the front four and eight rear cranes, equipped with a Yuchai 350 high-horsepower engine, with strong performance
Hoist model SQS400, XCMG 16-ton crane price: 252,000
Hoist parameters XCMG 16-ton five-section straight arm crane with electronic display system, which can record the lifting weight at any time
Crane advantage Lifting height of 20 meters, working radius of 18.5 meters
total mass 31000kg
Upper household tonnage 13740kg
curb weight 17260kg

Liuqi Chenglong 8×4 16-ton truck-mounted crane

Solemnly promise: all Liuqi Chenglong 16-ton truck cranes purchased from our company are guaranteed to be licensed nationwide. If the vehicle cannot be licensed due to our company's vehicle problems, a full refund will be made and customers will be compensated for their losses. All models use the original chassis, our company strictly controls the quality of the products, and our company is responsible for the after-sale of the products. The upper part is guaranteed for one year free of charge, the after-sales service arrives within 24 hours in the province, and arrives in 48 hours outside the province. Technical guidance is provided for life, and parts are supplied at the cost of life.

Liuqi Chenglong 8x4 16-ton truck-mounted crane

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