Liuqi Chenglong 16-ton truck-mounted crane


Liuqi Chenglong 16-ton truck-mounted crane

Introduction: Liuqi Chenglong has a new Feigong 16-ton truck-mounted crane in the first four and the last eight, and a new Feigong 16-ton five-section boom crane on the top. The length of the cargo box is 8.2 meters, the market price is ¥510,000, and the down payment is 153,000. The car is brought back Home, high-quality chassis is matched with XCMG's big brand crane, the quality is trustworthy, and the truck-mounted crane manufacturer is strongly recommended.

Liuqi Chenglong 16-ton truck-mounted crane

Liuqi Chenglong 16-ton truck-mounted crane

Liuqi Chenglong 16-ton truck-mounted crane

Liuqi Chenglong 16-ton truck-mounted crane

Liuqi Chenglong 16-ton truck-mounted crane

Chassis configuration Liuqi Chenglong 16-ton truck-mounted crane

Chenglong H5 row half cab, Yuchai 350 horsepower engine, Shaanxi Fast 10-speed gearbox (flange power take-off), front axle 5.5 tons, double 153 rear axle, speed ratio 4.10, 300 ( 8+4) Partial three-layer frame, 11.00R20 steel wire tire.

Standard: mechanical full-floating cab mount, mechanical shock-absorbing driver seat, remote control central locking, air conditioning, vehicle terminal, right turn prompt function, overspeed alarm function, ABS, knob-type remote throttle, under-vehicle start-stop function.

Crane parameters: Xinfeigong 16-ton five-section straight arm crane, full hydraulic system, 360-degree full rotation, operation mode with high-altitude seat, high-altitude pedal accelerator, front outrigger span 2323mm~7023mm, crane lift The height is 21 meters, the arm length is 18.9 meters, the crane can lift up to 1 ton at the longest horizontal distance, and the Xinfeigong double-chamber hydraulic rear outrigger.

Users can also choose 12-ton and 14-ton cranes, and the brands can choose Sany, Shimei, Changwei and other crane brands.

Cargo box specifications: the cargo box is 8.2 meters long, 2.47 meters wide, and 0.55 meters high, the bottom plate of the cargo box is 5mm thick, and the fence is 2mm thick. Beam connection, heavy-duty cargo box is not easy to deform.

Model advantages: equipped with Yuchai 350 horsepower engine, strong power, suitable for heavy-duty climbing and mountain roads; 16-ton crane can be installed, with large lifting capacity and wide operating range.

parameter configuration Liuqi Chenglong 16-ton truck-mounted crane

vehicle name Liuqi Chenglong's 16-ton truck-mounted crane
Announcement model LZ5315JSQH5FC1
Vehicle size 12000×2550×3960mm
Cargo size 8200×2470×550mm
engine model YC6L350-50, Yuchai 350hp
gearbox Shaanxi tooth ten-speed gearbox, 10JSD140T
Front and rear axles 2*153 rear axle, 4.10 speed ratio, widened brake
Chassis configuration Mechanical full-floating cab suspension, mechanical shock-absorbing driver's seat, remote control central lock, air conditioner, vehicle terminal, 11.00R20 steel wire tire, 300 (8+4) local three-layer frame
Hoist parameters Xinfeigong's 16-ton five-section straight-arm crane operates at high altitude, with a boom of 5.6 meters and a maximum lifting capacity of 7 meters. The boom extends 8.5 meters, and the maximum lifting capacity is 4.2 tons. The boom extends 11.5 meters, and the maximum lifting capacity is 3.2 tons. The boom extends 14.5 meters, and the maximum lifting capacity is 2.2 tons
total mass 31000kg
curb weight 17260kg
Rated quality 13740kg
Crane advantage Double pump technology, radiator, one-key start and stop, limit alarm device

There are many crane brands, the market prices are many and chaotic, and there are also "cottages". Card friends who want to buy a car must pay attention to distinguishing and inquiring carefully. If you want to know more about the price and configuration of truck cranes, you can follow me. (Mobile phone Baidu search "Chengli truck crane manufacturers")

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