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Liu Qi Chenglong dust suppression truck

Liu Qi Chenglong dust suppression truck

(50-100 cbm meters can -CLW5188TDYL5)


Liu Qi and dust truck

Liu Qi and dust truck Introduction

Multi-purpose vehicles and dust Scope: “Fog artillery for the first pier, mining and coal yard, where the larger pollutant particles, the requirements are not so fine mist.By high-pressure water into the mist of micron-sized particles, dust and particles of comparable size, can save not only water, but also collisions with the city haze, adsorption, sedimentation and condensed into dust groups.”



Multifunctional vehicle dust suppression by mist adsorbed dust in the air, dilute the concentration of contaminating particles in the air, to solid dust, dust, clean air purification effect of effectively alleviate the urban dust pollution phenomenon and can be used in public places humidification, cooling, disinfection, deodorization.


Liu Qi truck dust suppression characteristics

Multifunctional artillery fog is from the power system, water storage tank, dust suppression system, a low-pressure water system, a hydraulic system and electrical system components, the whole appearance of calm and dignified, compact.In order to ensure efficient construction operations, the aircraft is equipped with two power sources, downloading engine to provide power source for driving the vehicle; upload engine direct drive hydraulic system is always efficient power source of the fog spray gun.Central control system integrated in the cab, the control system is reasonable layout, simple operation, and can control the low pressure water mist spray gun through the operating system, the whole process can be completed by a machine hand, reduce labor intensity, saving personnel costs.


Liu Qi and dust truck configuration

Aerial whole nuclear core memberSprayerRotating means is a horizontal axial fan, pitch angle control means, the spray system configuration.Horizontal rotary fan driven by a hydraulic motor means, to be completed to 120 ° -120 ° rotation; pitch angle control means by the fan pump, cylinder, control valves and piping appropriate configuration may be implemented to 40 ° -10 ° pitch; multiangle , which makes the full range of spraying operations can adapt to different working environment.

High-pressure spray system pump, spray nozzles, control valves and piping appropriate composition, the system repeatedly proven researchers demonstrated the sprayer range of up to 100 m, the droplet particles mainly from 2 to 10 microns, and 150 to 200 [mu] m range, can remove more suspended particulate matter in the air, dust effectively enhance the effect of the aircraft.


Liu Qi and dust truck main parameters

Vehicle type: CLW5188TDYL5 main parameters

Wheelbase chassis (mm): 4700

Engine: Yuchai 200 hp

Power (KW) / hp (Ps): 147/200

Tank volume (m3): Bulletin Volume 8.3-way actual volume 11.3-way

Sprinkler width (m): ≥14

Sprayer Model: CLW-100 fog cannon parameters

Range: 50-100 meters

Generator power: 50-120KW

Fan motor power: 11-37KW

Pneumatic pump power: 5.5-11KW


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