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Kaima rear two-wheeled refrigerated truck

Kaima rear two-wheeled refrigerated truck parameter configuration table and picture display


KMC5033XLCQ28D5  Model 冷藏车_1.jpgKMC5033XLCQ28D5  Model 冷藏车_5.jpg

1. Chassis configuration:Shandong Kaima original chassis, single-row cab,Liuzhou Wuling Liuji Power Co., Ltd. LJ469Q-1AEB Euro V gasoline engine, 64 kW, 87 horsepower, 5-speed gearbox, 2560 wheelbase, 175R14 tubeless tires, oil brake, 3 tons rear axle,
2. Upload configuration:Effective internal dimensions of the refrigerator compartment:Length 2.88 meters × width 1.52 meters × height 1.5 meters; the outer skin of the car body is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, which can be selected by customersBuilt-in channel steel welding frame or glass fiber ultra-light high-strength frame, filled with 8cm polyurethane insulation layer, stainless steel corner, stainless steel door frame, stainless steel door lock, non-slipPatterned aluminum bottom plate, double door after matching,-5 degree or -18 degree refrigeration unit.




Refrigerated trucks envelope structure: polyester plate process and a wet process glass fiber reinforced wood-frame structures envelope, using themost advanced inter Euro fifth-generation closed polyurethane plate bonding method.

Refrigerated compartment board material: high quality inside and outside wall of the internal mechanism of fiberglass 2.2mm; thickness of the intermediate insulation material selection imported polyurethane; thickness of the door envelope 80mm thickness 80mm; aluminum plate integrally checkered above, the following color plates, the intermediate inlet poly ammoniaester;2.5mm aluminum edging surrounding envelope, wrap angle steel, stainless steel door, four anti-collision rubber, stainless steel frame, stainlesssteel hinge, energy-saving lighting box.

Refrigerated truck refrigeration unit: the well-known domestic brand Hanxue or Huatai top-mounted unit of the refrigeration unit, the temperature of the body is 5 degrees above 0 to18 degrees below 0 ; (imported units from South Korea Hana, American Carrier, etc.) depending on the cabin temperature — monitor,temperature controller and the temperature of the printer and the like.

1. This model can be equipped with a “cooling + heating” dual temperature unit (
when the dual temperature unit is installed, the control temperature is +20~-18 degrees optional) , a temperature and humidity recorder, a ventilation slot, and a rail meat hook can be installed. According to customer requirements, it can be converted into refrigerated trucks, insulated trucks , and freezer trucks suitable for transporting medicines ( medicine vaccine trucks) , vegetables, fruits, fresh meat, frozen meat, seafood, chicken fry, etc.
2. The price is changed for different configuration purposes (the current quotation is the standard price)

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