Kama mobile vending truck (electric)


Kama mobile vending truck (electric) parameter configuration table and picture display

Kama pure electric vending truck vehicle model: DLQ5020XSHBEV pure electric vending truck , charging for 6-8 hours, cruising range of 300 kilometers, energy saving and environmental protection, economical and applicable, applicable to a wide range of areas, no purchase tax, Euro first, exclusive announcement, The specific announcement parameters are shown as follows:

Kama mobile vending truck (electric)

Kaima Electric Mobile Vending Truck Picture

Parameter display of Kaima electric mobile vending truck :

Product main technical parameters
product name: DLQ5020XSHBEV pure electric vending truck Dimensions: 4800X1750X2500(mm)
Chassis model: KMC1020EV29D Cargo compartment size: XX (mm)
Total mass: 2450(Kg) Approach/departure angle: 30/22(°)
Rated quality: 180(Kg) Front suspension and rear suspension: 540/1360(mm)
Quality of preparation: 2140(Kg) Maximum speed: 58(km/h)
Vehicle remarks: 1. The battery is a lead-acid battery, the model is 3-EVF-200, the manufacturer is Tianneng Battery Group Co., Ltd., the nominal voltage of the single unit: 6V, the nominal capacity: 200Ah, the total nominal voltage of the battery: 72V. 2. The drive motor type is AC asynchronous servo traction motor, the model is SPQ10-72-3900H1, the power is 10kW (rated) / 20kW (peak), the manufacturer Zibo Hapuwo Power Technology Co., Ltd.; the drive motor controller model is M2 -150-6-01, manufacturer Zibo Hapuwo Power Technology Co., Ltd. 3. The technical stage of the product: the mature stage; 4. The two sides of the truck are openable opaque windows, the rear is the openable door, and the top of the front is equipped with horns on both sides, which can be used for sound promotion. There is a double-door storage cabinet at the top of the front of the folding bar; 5. The partial structure of the optional truck go box


Chassis parameters
Chassis model: KMC1020EV29D Fuel type: Pure electric
Number of axes: 2 Front track: 1430(mm)
Wheelbase: 2900 Rear track: 1420(mm)
Number of passengers in the cab: 2 Number of springs: -/6
Number of tires: 4 Axle load: 1060/1390
Tire specifications: 165/70R14LT,165R14LT
Emission Standards:


Engine parameters
engine: Engine manufacturer: Displacement (ml): Power (kw):
SPQ10-72-3900H1 (motor) Zibo Hapuwo Power Technology Co., Ltd. 0 10


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