Kama Small Fog Cannon truck

The Kama Blue Fog Cannon Car is also known as the Kama Multifunctional Green Spraying Vehicle , and the Kama Blue Dust Suppression Truck. The tank has a tank volume of 2 cubic meters. It can be driven with a blue card and a C certificate. It has front flush, rear spray and side Spray and rear platform anti-aircraft guns can be equipped with 30-meter fog cannons for spray dust reduction, also known as multifunctional dust suppression vehicles , multifunctional dust reduction vehicles.

Kama small Fog Cannon Parameter Configuration Table and Picture Show

Kama small Fog Cannon CarKama MultifunctionGreen spraying vehicle,Kama small Dust Suppression Truck, the tank volume of the truck is 2 cubic meters meters, the truck can be driven with the small , C certificate, with front flush, rear spray, side spray, rear platform antiaircraft cannon, can be equipped with 30m fog cannon for spray Dust fall, also known asMultifunctional dust suppression vehicle, Multifunctional dust suppression vehicle.

Kama Small Fog Cannon truck

Chassis configuration:The new Isuzu body can be equipped with a Yunnei 102 horsepower/Xichai 95 horsepower engine, 5-speed gearbox, 3 tons rear axle, 6.00-14 tires with spare tires, oil brakes, air conditioning, steering assist, and ABS.
Upload configuration:The actual volume of the tank is 2 cubic meters meters (elliptical tank, round barrel), made of Q235 high-quality truck bon steel plate produced by Wuhan Iron and Steel, steel plate thickness 4mm, equipped with 40-50 billion Feng pump, installed front punch (under the cab), rear sprinkler, side Spraying and sprinkling water to enlarge the platform (standard), antiaircraft gun large diameter ball valve. The vertical suction range is 6.5 meters, the dust is 14 meters, with fire interface, self-flow valve, self-priming and self-discharging.
Fog cannon configuration:Equipped with 30-type fog cannon fan, dual-arm axial flow fan with silencer, high-pressure atomization system with nozzle barrel (spray flow rate: 6-18L/min, range: horizontal 25-30 meters), fan power 3kw, water pump power 2.2kw, nozzle Number 16, generator power 8kw, fog cannon automatic steering device (rotation angle: 0-360°), remote control operation.

Kama small Dust Suppression Sprinkler ---【Technical Parameters of the Vehicle】
product name Green spraying vehicle Tank volume (m3) 2
Total mass (Kg) 4440 Dimensions (mm) 5330,5530×1750×2650
Rated load quality (Kg) 1495 Front suspension/rear suspension (mm) 1060/1670
Curb weight (Kg) 2815 Maximum speed (Km/h) 95
The number of passengers in the cab (person) 2 Axle load (Kg) 1600/2840
Approach angle/departure angle (°) 18/13
Remarks Effective tank volume: 1.56 cubic meters meters, tank dimensions (long × long axis × short axis) (mm): 2300 × 1250 × 800;
Side protection adopts cold-formed steel/Q235, bolted connection; rear protection adopts cold-formed steel/Q235, welded, cross-section height 120mm, cross-section width 50mm, lower edge height above the ground 380mm;
The cab is optional with the chassis, and the rear platform spray device is optional; the vehicle is mainly used for sprinkling and spraying in urban and rural landscaping; the main special devices are tanks, piping systems, spraying devices and pumps
Kaima 2 cbm small dust suppression sprinkler---【chassis technical parameters】
Chassis model KMC1040A26D5 Chassis name Truck chassis
Brand name Kama manufacturer Shandong Kaima Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Number of axes 2 Number of tires 6
Wheelbase (mm) 2800
Tire specifications 6.00-14LT,6.00-15LT
Number of leaf spring 9/8+4,3/5+3 Front track (mm) 1395,1420
Fuel type Diesel oil Rear track (mm) 1340,1375
Emission standard GB17691-2005 Euro V, GB3847-2005
engine model Engine manufacturer Displacement (ml) Power (Kw)
Weichai Power Yangzhou Diesel Engine Liability Company Kunming Yunnei Power Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Sida Power Machinery Group Company Weichai Power Yangzhou Diesel Engine Liability Company 2088
Kama Small Fog Cannon truck
Kama Epidemic control vehicleKama Small Fog Cannon truck
Kama Epidemic control vehicleKama Small Fog Cannon truck
Kama Epidemic control vehicle, Kama dust control vehicle, Kama Epidemic control vehicle


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