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Kama 5-ton truck mounted crane (small)

Kama 5-ton truck-mounted crane ( small truck d) real shot pictures

Kama 5-ton truck mounted crane ( small truck d) configuration

Chassis configuration:
Chassis parameters: Kama’s new Capgemini body, Yunnei 95-horsepower EuroV engine, 5-speed with auxiliary transmission, 5 tons rear axle, 7.00 steel tires, 200 double-layer girder, direction assist, ABS, air brake, original air conditioner.

Crane parameters:
It is equipped with a 5-ton three-section straight-arm crane from Xinfeigong, 360-degree full rotation, downward operation, maximum lifting height of 11.5 meters, working radius of 9.5 meters, and maximum lifting capacity of 0.4 tons. The standard truck go box has a length of 3.48 meters, a side board thickness of 2mm, and a bottom board thickness of 4mm. It is produced in strict accordance with the announced standards to ensure that it does not exceed the size.
Truck Mounted Crane ,

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