Kaima four-wheel drive off-road fire truck


Kaima four-wheel drive off-road forest fire truck is an off-road forest fire truck specially launched by our factory according to the strict characteristics of forest fire fighting on off-road performance and passability of fire trucks. The car is modified with Kaima four-wheel drive off-road chassis. The volume is 3.5 cubic meters, the water storage tank is large, and the range is more than 50 meters, ensuring the fire fighting effect.

Chassis model KMC2100A32P5 engine model Yunnei 170hp/125KW
Outside dimensions 6260×1980×2780mm wheelbase 3200mm
liquid carrier 3.5 cubic meters Emission Standards euro five
Fire Pump CB10/30 fire monitor PS30w
Fire pump rated flow 30L/s 1.0MPa Environmental protection/exemption reporting
Fire monitor rated flow 30L/s 1.0MPa Fire cannon range Water≥50m

Main parameters of the chassis

Chassis model KMC2100A32P5 manufacturer Shandong Kaima Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Engine rated power 125kw engine capacity 3920ml
Engine Emission Standards GB17691-2005 Country V drive form 4×4 (all-wheel drive)
wheelbase 3200mm Cab structure Flat head, double door, original row and half
Minimum turning radius ≤12m number of passengers 3 people
gearbox manual driver's position left
equipment The instrument panel of the original car is equipped with a fire operation instrument panel and a warning light control box.

1. Alarm;

2. Power take-off control switch and indicator light;

3. Additional power switch;

Equipment box and pump room

Kaima four-wheel drive off-road fire truck The main frame structure is welded with high-quality square tube, and the outer decorative plate is welded with carbon steel plate. (Aluminum alloy square tube can be welded according to user needs)
The equipment boxes are located on both sides of the rear of the passenger compartment, with aluminum alloy rolling shutter doors and lighting inside. There are storage boxes in the equipment box room according to the needs. There is a flip pedal on the lower part of the side.
The pump room is located at the rear of the vehicle, with aluminum alloy rolling shutter doors on both sides and the back, with lighting inside, and flipped pedals on the lower part of both sides of the pump room. The insulation position: install fuel heaters (optional according to customer requirements)


capacity 3500kg
material High-quality carbon steel with a thickness of 3mm (stainless steel and PP material can be used according to user needs)
Tank fixing Elastic connection with chassis frame
Tank Setup 1 manhole with a diameter of 460mm, with quick locking/opening device, 1 DN65 overflow port, 1 DN40 water tank discharge port, ball valve, water inlet and outlet: 1 water tank to the water pump inlet pipe, DN100 Valve, can be pneumatic, manual control, set a water pump to the water tank filling pipe, DN40 valve, can be pneumatic, manual control

Fire Pump

model CB10/30 type low pressure vehicle fire pump Kaima four-wheel drive off-road fire truck
form Atmospheric pressure centrifugal
Limited Data 30L/s @1.0MPa
outlet pressure rating 1.0MPa
maximum suction depth 7m
water diversion device Self-contained vane pump
Diversion time Maximum suction depth≤35s

fire monitor

model PS30W Kaima four-wheel drive off-road fire truck
manufacturer Chengdu West
Rotation angle 360° horizontal rotation
Maximum pitch/depression angle Depression angle≤-15°, elevation angle≥+45°
flow 30L/S
range ≥50m
Kaima four-wheel drive off-road fire truck

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