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Kaima classical 2 cbm sprinkler fog anti dust truck


Kaima classical fog artillery adopt new regulations Isuzu level body, wheelbase 2600mm, 5-speed gearbox, three tons reinforced rear axle, widened beams, water tankers special chassis, the direction of power, ABS, air conditioning and original election 2000.



The actual volume of 2 cubic tank (tank elliptical, circular barrel), Yifeng pumps 40-50 arranged, mounted forward setting (below the cabin), sprinkle, side spray, watering increase platform (standard), large diameter ball antiaircraft.


[Fog cannon]:

50 with gun-type mist blower, axial fan silencer arms arranged in the trucktridge, the pressurized atomizing system (spray flow rate: 6-18L / min, range: 30-35 m horizontal, vertical 20-25 meters), fan power 3kw, pump power 2.2kW, nozzle number 16, the generator power 8KW, mist gun automatic steering means (rotation angle: 0-360 °), remote control operation.



Without high rainfall, Common fender, side lights charging, shown without width small lamp, single palm, the rear guard section size of 150mm × 25mm, 440mm ground clearance.



Section 30 m fog artillery and exempt from Euro environmental announcement, the vehicle can be exempt from vehicle purchase tax on household use.For the convenience of the user, can send the truck door down payment, you will be required to determine vehicle and vehicle configurations before sending truck after signing the contract gold.Fog artillery different uses, different engines and upload specific configuration, different vehicle prices, before the truck needs to contact us in advance to determine the model configuration and there are no trucks, we will give you the most appropriate based on your actual use of small dust and fog anti dust truck price truck models.

KAMA classical 2 anti dust truck front right side mist sprinklers

Kaima classical 2 sprinkler on the right side fog anti dust truck

Kaima classical 2 right rear side of the sprinkler fog anti dust truck

Kaima classical 2 on the left side of the sprinkler fog anti dust truck

Kaima classical 2 cbm sprinkler fog tail anti dust truck

Kaima classical 2 sprinkler on the right side fog anti dust truck

Kaima classical 2 cbm sprinkler fog anti dust truck details


1, optional solenoid control function downfield

2, the pneumatic control switch controls Pediment sprinkle

3, PLC centralized control Pediment sprinkle formula

4, the electric gun, centralized control box

5, stainless steel ball valve

6, air conditioning

7, vehicle color

8,30-120 meters fog cannon

9, motor 7.5 kilowatts – 3500 kW

Kaima classical 2 cbm sprinkler fog anti dust truck

Details Advantages:

1.Large generators, mounted behind the cab.

2.Mute cover, generator protection, waterproof, dust protection, noise reduction.

3.Tank using finite element analysis to optimize the design, make full use of on-board space, pitchers, volume, and passed rigorous reliability tests, inside the tank to make corrosion preventive treatment, more durable.

4.Rear platform, the platform is widened to increase the bottom steel plate encryption.

5.Fog gun electronic control box line, assembling a professional electrician, safer, relatively high safety factor, easy to leakage, short circuit, unlike small factories, sprayer with emergency stop button, safe and reliable operation.

6.Barrel dispensing device is high, reduce the noise, not disturbing.

7.Fog gun having independent patent, compact, long range, small fog particles, large coverage area, can be manually or remotely controlled.

8.Complete low emissions: Since no side of the engine, thereby reducing emissions and fully meet the current Euro standard Ⅴ.

9.Long life and low maintenance costs: Reasonable vehicle structure design, easy maintenance; stable operation of the vehicle is always running at its best, longer service life, low maintenance costs


Dongfeng 12 side dust-mist artillery vehicles 80 meters (cbm tank)30 meters -120 meters fog cannon unit structure


Dongfeng 12 side dust-mist artillery vehicles 80 meters (cbm tank)Sprinkler system construction


Dongfeng 12 side dust-mist artillery vehicles 80 meters (cbm tank)The main function of structure

Production background

In recent years, multi-regional response to the stringent requirements of the Euro environmental policy, the introduction of the relevant laws and regulations of various dust control.In this case, the company, in the originalsprinklerThe design, based on the design and development of Kaima classical 2 cbm sprinkler mist artillery efficient dust suppression effect, this model is an efficient, multi-energy, low power consumption and a three characteristics.


Kaima classical 2 cbm sprinkler mist coat into the fog cannon artillery, crew, tank tank three parts, relying on high-speed operation on environmental protection fog cannon fan breeze principle, the water inside the tank to the air atomized 30-120 meters range, artillery mist sprayed mist particles is extremely small, micron level may be in fluid mist dust fog and haze, the particle concentration in the air dilute the decomposition, can effectively break down the air pollution particulate matter and dust, floating in the air pollution particles quickly forced down the floor to achieve the cleaning effect of air purification.

Work Performance

Large small haze The haze truckd loading artillery guns sprayable 120 meters, 70 meters mist, compared to ordinary sprinkler, the same 10 tons of water, spraying of ordinary sprinkler only 10 minutes while the new fog can anti dust truck spray 1 hour, covering an area of over 30,000 cbm meters, greatly improving the utilization of water resources.

Process Features

1.2 cbm sprinkler fog anti dust truckSkill strong, long range, penetration, strong adhesion fog particles, covering a wide range can be achieved precision spray.

2.Kaima classical fog anti dust truckHigh efficiency, high speed spraying; yard prone to dust when spray dust, mist discharged fine particles, upon contact with the dust float, to form a wet mist, dust suppression can quickly sink down , mist sedimentation rate up to 95%.

3.2 cbm small truckd fog anti dust truckSecondary atomization techniques, using a specific promoter from the wind turbine the wind direction changing means so as to form an angle with the direction of flow of the fog particles to promote the full atomization of water.When droplets ejected from the nozzle is further crushed in a high-speed high-pressure air spray, droplet and the speed is gradually increased, to improve the degree of atomization, the atomization can be achieved generally droplet diameter of about 50-150um.

4.Kaima sprinkler dust suppression truckAuxiliary power flexible, both with three-phase mains 380V also can be equipped with diesel power generators.


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