Kaima 3-4 cbm compression garbage truck


Kaima 3-4 cbm compression garbage truck Euro Six


Compression garbage trucks are mainly characterized by simple and efficient garbage collection methods, automatic repeated compression and peristaltic compression functions, high compression ratio, high loading quality, automatic operation, good power and environmental protection, and high efficiency of vehicle utilization.

Kaima 3-4 cbm compression garbage truck

Detailed vehicle parameters


Chassis configuration: The chassis uses a Kama single-row forward-turning cab, wheelbase 2800mm, Yunnei 102 horsepower 4-cylinder Guowu engine, five-speed gearbox, 6.50 nylon tires, hydraulic power steering, ABS anti-lock braking system, oil brakes (Optional air brake), original air conditioner, environmental protection announcement has been issued.
Top configuration: the box body is made of high-quality manganese steel of Wuhan Iron and Steel, the thickness of the material is 3mm for the side plate and 4mm for the bottom plate (the plate can be thickened according to customer requirements if it is not overweight), and the box has a loading volume of 4 cubic meters meters (about 2 tons of garbage, garbage The weight will change for different types, and the national standard 240-liter trash can can be filled with 50-60 full buckets)

Kaima 3-4 cbm compression garbage truck

Kaima 3-4 cbm compression garbage truck

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