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JMC water tank fire truck (2 tons)

Parameter configuration table and picture display of JMC water tank fire truck (2 tons)

Product main technical information
product name: Jiangling 2 tons water tank fire truck Dimensions (mm): 6190x1980x2670
Chassis model: JX1061TSG25 Cargo compartment size (mm):
Total mass: (kg) 5815 Approach/departure angle 23/13
Rated mass: (kg) 1500 Front suspension/rear suspension (mm): 1065/1765
Curb weight: (kg) 3940 Maximum speed (km/h): 90
Axle load: 1980/3835
Chassis parameters
Chassis model: JX1061TSG25 batch: 291
Number of axes: 2 Fuel type: Diesel oil
Wheelbase (mm): 3360 Front track (mm): 1385
Rated passenger capacity (including driver): Rear track (mm): 1425
Number of tires: 6 Number of springs: 7/5 6
Tire specifications: 7.00R16LT 10PR
Vehicle description:
Engine parameters
engine model Engine manufacturer Displacement (ml) Power (kw)
JX493ZLQ5 JX493ZLQ5A Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd. Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd. 2771 2771 85 85
Emission Standards: Fuel type: Diesel oil
Other information
Dedicated function description:

Water tank volume of JMC fire truck : 2 cubic meters

Anti-pump model: CB10/20 vehicle fire pump, flow: 30l/s, pressure: 1.0mpa, water ring diversion, water diversion time ≤35s (7m suction depth)

Fire monitor: Model: sp30 Water range: ≥55 meters

Tank volume: 1.5 cubic meters; tank size (length and height): 1300?000?190 (mm); firefighters are calculated at 75 kg/person; ABS system model: APG3550500A, ABS system manufacturer: Zhejiang Asia-Pacific Electromechanical Co., Ltd.; Material of side protection and rear lower protection device: Q235, monolithic structure; Ground clearance of rear lower protection device: 395mm.
Multi-dimensional map display:
※ For detailed information and pictures, please contact our company directly. The above product introduction is for reference only. Please refer to the contract content for ordering.

Standard configuration of fire-fighting equipment: fire-fighting suction pipe, water filter, water divider, fire hose, hose hook, hose cloth, reducing interface, same type interface, DC water gun, fire hydrant transition joint, flowering water gun, DC switch Water gun, air foam gun (special for foam fire trucks ), sheep pick, ground wrench, suction pipe wrench, belt bridge, mixer suction pipe, waist axe, fire fighting axe, shovel, prying.
Fire rescue equipment (optional):
pull ladder, bamboo ladder, etc. (overhead), motorized chain saw, hydraulic expansion clamp, portable universal cutter, climber, lifting air cushion, pneumatic rescue tool, gas cutter, axe , Picks, pliers, spades, etc.
Fire protection equipment (optional): fire helmet, fire fighting clothing, fire gloves and boots, fire safety belts and safety hooks, breathing protection equipment, built-in heavy chemical protective clothing, enclosed chemical protective clothing, fire protective clothing, Military chemical and nuclear protective clothing, simple chemical protective clothing, fire protection clothing, mobile gas supply, dual gas cylinder respirator, multi-purpose canister, chemical protective gloves, electrical insulating gloves, cut-resistant gloves, high-temperature gloves, Chemical safety boots

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