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JMC Shunda Small Refrigerated Truck ( EuroVI)

Parameter configuration table and picture display of JMC Shunda small refrigerated truck (Euro VI)

江铃国六小  Model 冷藏车/4.2米冷藏车图片

The JMC Euro VI small refrigerated truck is a small -brand refrigerated truck that can be driven with a C certificate. The cabin is 4.2 meters long and the box is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic inside and outside. The middle is made of 8mm thick polyurethane fully sealed insulation material. The cabin board is formed in one time. , The bottom of the compartment is made of non-slip patterned aluminum, 304 stainless steel locks, aluminum alloy corners, optional -5 degrees (refrigerated) or -15 degrees (frozen), the temperature can be adjusted, can be used to transport vegetables, fruits, seafood, Meat and other foods that need to be frozen (stored) fresh.

Interior size: 4150X1750X1750(mm)

Vehicle size: 5995X1950X2900(mm)

Total mass: 4300(kg)

Registered tonnage: 1100(kg)

[Technical parameters of the vehicle]
product name Cheng Liwei CLW5043XLCJ6 refrigerated trucks
Total mass (kg) 4300 Dimensions (mm) 5995X1950X2900
Rated mass (kg) 1100 Cargo compartment size (mm) 4150X1750X1750
Curb weight (kg) 3070 Volume About 12.5 cubic meters
The number of passengers in the cab (person) 2 license small truck d
Approach angle/departure angle (°) 20/14 Front suspension/rear suspension (mm) 1075/1560
Axle load (kg) 1700/2600 Maximum speed (km/h) 100
Remarks: The top of the compartment is closed and cannot be opened. Protective material: Q235A truck bon steel. Connection method: Welded connection for left and right side protection and rear protection. Rear protection section size (mm): 150×50, rear protection ground clearance (mm): 350 ; ABS system model: APG3550500A, ABS system manufacturer: Zhejiang Asia-Pacific Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd.
【Chassis technical parameters】
Chassis model JX1041TG26 Chassis name Truck chassis
Brand name JMC manufacturer Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd.
Number of axes 2 Number of tires 6
Wheelbase (mm) 3360
Tire specifications 7.00R16LT 10PR,7.00R16LT 8PR
Number of leaf spring 7/4+6,7/5+6 Front track (mm) 1385
Fuel type Diesel oil Rear track (mm) 1425
Emission standard GB3847-2005, GB17691-2018 Euro Ⅵ
engine model Engine manufacturer engine capacity Engine power
JX4D30B6H Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd. 2892 85
江铃小  Model 冷藏车内饰图片
江铃小  Model 冷藏车内饰图片

New process refrigerated truck riage body mechanism:

Authentic polyurethane insulation material, water absorption rate ≤1, thermal conductivity ≤0.028W/mk, compression resistance ≥150Kpa, and density of 30-45kg/m³.

Special rail meat hook for transporting fresh meat

The dedicated ventilation slot at the bottom of the compartment fully guarantees the temperature circulation in the compartment and accelerates the cooling effect.

The door frame, locks and accessories are all made of stainless steel. The black material of the door side is a one-time forming seamless sealing strip (strong corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, minus 40 degrees without hardening). The humanized design is equipped with a handlebar.

High-quality glass fiber can increase the strength of the truck board after bonding.

Large-scale composite board production line, hydraulic equipment presses the truck riage board. Adopting polyester wet panel making technology and glass fiber reinforced whole wooden box frame structure, using the most advanced fifth-generation fully enclosed polyurethane plate bonding method in the world, and high-quality resin glue bonding.

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