JMC Shunda Road Sweeper Euro Six


Hubei Chengli Automobile: JMC Shunda Road Sweeper National VI product model and parameter configuration, JMC Shunda Road Sweeper National VI high-definition pictures, Chengli Auto Series Jiangling Shunda Road Sweeper National VI for the latest quotation, please call the customer service hotline. Vehicle Technical Parameters Vehicle Model CLW5070TSLJ6 Product Name Washing and Sweeping Truck Clean Water Tank 1.5 Cubic Trash Bin 4.2 Cubic Total Mass (kg) 7300 Rated Mass (kg) 2210 Curb Mass (kg) 4960 Overall Dimensions (mm) 619019902590 Chassis Technical Parameters Chassis Name JMC Chassis Type…

JMC Shunda Road Sweeper Euro Six

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Vehicle technical parameters
Vehicle model CLW5070TSLJ6 product name Car wash
Clean water tank 1.5 cubic meters Trash can 4.2 cubic meters
Total mass (kg) 7300 Rated mass (kg) 2210
Curb weight (kg) 4960 Dimensions (mm) 6190×1990×2590

江铃顺达 sweeper图片

Chassis technical parameters
Chassis name JMC Chassis model JX1071TG26
Number of axes 2 Wheelbase (mm) 3360
Number of tires 6 Number of passengers 2,3
Engine horsepower Isuzu 115 horsepower Engine power 85KW
Tire specifications 7.00R16LT 14PR Emission Standards Euro Six
Fuel type Diesel oil Maximum speed 80km/h
engine model JX4D30D6H Displacement (ml) 2.8L

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Basic configuration
Upload configuration

It adopts the original JMC chassis, JMC’s new Shunda cab, 3360mm wheelbase, equipped with JMC JX4D30D6H diesel engine, JMC Isuzu 115 horsepower diesel engine, 85kw power, Euro VI emission standard, 5-speed gearbox, 7.00R16 steel wire tire, direction Power assist, air brake, electric glass, central lock, original air conditioner, ABS.

Optional configuration
Mid-mounted 4 sweep plate, rear suction cup, Sanyo cycloid motor, JMC Isuzu auxiliary engine, Schneider control switch, Hypreis solenoid valve group, continuously variable automatic clutch, maintenance-free centrifugal fan, stainless steel trash can, Polaris electronic water pump, Trash can lifting and self-unloading, LED arrow lights at the tail, hand pump emergency system.

江铃顺达 sweeper展示图

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