JMC Shunda Refrigerated Truck


JMC Shunda Refrigerated Truck

The refrigerated trucks are mainly used to transport frozen food, vegetables and fruits, frozen fresh meat, soy milk, etc. The market in 2019 is particularly poor, because of an important incident in the truck, that is, the blue-brand 4m2 model For the problem of overweight cargo, the policy states that blue-brand light trucks with self-weight and overweight vehicles will not be allowed to be registered. This is nothing but a very headache for card friends and manufacturers. In 2020, Jiangling Shunda Euro VI refrigerated trucks will solve this series of problems. , Lightweight design, compliant and legal Euro Sixth Jiangling Shunda 4.2-meter refrigerated truck, I will take you to find out.

JMC Shunda Refrigerated Truck

First look at a picture of the front face of the car. Does it feel like a crab? Card friends have different opinions. Some think it looks good, but a bit disapproving. The engine is still this Japanese Isuzu 115-horsepower Euro VI engine, which has a higher displacement than Euro V. 2771 is slightly more, with a displacement of 2892. I believe there will be a loss of power improvement. In addition to the front face changes, the overall configuration of the Euro VI compared to the Euro V is improved. It is equipped with a remote control key (central lock), electric doors and windows, and direction assistance. , These configurations are not available on the national five beggar version.

Overall dimensions of the vehicle: 5.95 meters in length, 1.95 meters in width, and 2.9 meters in height. Car body dimensions: 4.15 meters in length, 1.75 meters in width, and 1.75 meters in height (approximately 13 cubic meters meters). The total mass is 4.3 tons, the rated mass is 1.1 tons, and the curb weight is 3.07. Ton.

Car configuration JMC Shunda Refrigerated Truck

The car body framed by 8 cm polyurethane insulation board, the face is made of 2 mm glass fiber reinforced plastic, corrosion-resistant, smooth and flat. The benchmark of refrigerated car body technology;

The car body has advanced technology, vacuum compression molding, galvanized pipe clamp wood frame, imported adhesive bonding, high strength, and guaranteed heat preservation performance. The splicing and modularization are all screw-locked, and the real sealed car body has better heat preservation performance. 3 times the traditional craftsmanship, it looks the same, but in fact it is different;

LED lights are equipped as standard inside, according to the length of the car body, or 1 or 2, independent switches are provided for the external source of the car body, so there is no worry about unloading at night;

The interior is equipped with anti-collision devices, and the bottom of the car body is equipped with a patterned aluminum plate, which is wear-resistant and has strong load-bearing capacity. The door frame and lock are all made of stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant, light in weight, lightweight, and has a more beautiful appearance;

The whole car body adopts flexible sealing strips to prevent air-conditioning from leaking; the car body is pasted with a national standard 3M reflector, which has high brightness. The four top corners of the car body are equipped with width indicators to ensure driving safety at night. Side doors are optional for easy unloading. ;

The real fully enclosed dense non-metal heat-insulated refrigerated compartment, the side bumper is screwed to the auxiliary beam, and the body will not be affected in the event of a collision. The auxiliary beam is formed by folding and pressing the national standard 5mm high-strength manganese steel. The anti-rust paint and surface paint are fixed on the vehicle step by step with the ultimate in detail.

Advantages of Euro Sixth Jiangling Shunda Refrigerated Truck

1. The JMC Shunda cab can carry 3 people and can be used for long-distance transportation.

2. It adopts Jiangxi Isuzu 2.8 displacement engine, which saves fuel.

3. High-end configuration of the cab, with original air conditioner, direction assist, electric glass, central control lock, remote control key, high comfort.

4. The refrigerated compartment has a large space, and the internal space of Shunda is 13 cubic meters meters, which increases the cargo capacity.

5. Strong power, good speed-increasing performance, strong climbing ability, the top speed of an empty car can reach 110 km/h, and the power performance is quite excellent in light trucks. The engine is fuel-efficient and durable. The actual fuel consumption is about 9 liters per 100 kilometers in the city, and it can achieve up to 600,000 kilometers without major repairs.

Production process of JMC Shunda Refrigerated Truck

The refrigerated car body of our company is manufactured by a hydraulic adsorption integrated molding production line, and the thermal insulation performance reaches the national A-level standard, and the fully enclosed polyurethane plate bonding method;

Box board material: domestic high-quality 2.2mm glass fiber reinforced plastic (no light absorption, good heat insulation, strong hardness, anti-oxidation) is selected for the inner and outer wall panels; the middle insulation layer is XPS extruded polystyrene board or PUR polyurethane board;

Accessories: aluminum alloy edging around the car body, stainless steel corners, stainless steel door locks, stainless steel door frames and hinges, energy-saving LED lighting in the car body;

The standard thickness of the box body is 80mm, and the thickness of 60mm and 100mm is also optional. The inner and outer wall panels can be equipped with glass fiber reinforced plastic, stainless steel, color steel plate, and aluminum alloy.

Cooling machine selection JMC Shunda Refrigerated Truck

Adopting domestic and foreign well-known brand refrigeration units, which have the advantages of large refrigeration capacity, simple operation, safety and reliability. Optional brands are: Xiangfan Hanxue, Shanghai Songhan, Henan Huatai, Shenzhen Kelly, Zhengzhou Kaixue, South Korea Hanya, Guangdong Jinda K, American Carrier, and American Cold King.

Air duct picture display JMC Shunda Refrigerated Truck

JMC Shunda Refrigerated Truck

Picture display of curtains and partitions

JMC Shunda Refrigerated Truck

Vaccine medicines and medical waste compartments are all stainless steel picture display

JMC Shunda Refrigerated Truck


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