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JMC Euro VI Emission Refrigerator Truck


The refrigerated truck is used to transport frozen food. The insulation body of the refrigerated truck is made of fully enclosed inner and outer glass steel plates, and the middle layer is made of polyurethane foam insulation. The body has light weight, high strength, no joints, good insulation, and durability. Corrosion and other characteristics.



Detailed vehicle parameters


Chassis configuration: 3070 wheelbase, DAT18R-5 gearbox, DAM15KR Dongan engine, 115 horsepower, ABS, vertical direction assist, 175 tires.
Body material
Car body: the use of polyester wet plate making technology and glass fiber reinforced whole wooden car body frame structure, fully enclosed polyurethane plate bonding method; thermal insulation performance reaches the national A-level standard.
Compartment panel: The inner and outer wall panels are made of domestic high-quality 2.5mm nano glass fiber reinforced plastic (no light absorption, good heat insulation, strong hardness, and oxidation resistance); the middle insulation material is non-void filled imported polyurethane; the thickness of the body is 80mm; the bottom of the body is aluminum Alloy pattern plate or choose flat nano glass steel;
Accessories: aluminum alloy edging around the car body, stainless steel corners, stainless steel door locks, 4 pieces of anti-collision rubber, stainless steel door frames, stainless steel hinges, energy-saving lighting in the box.


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