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With the rapid development of urbanization, the increasing vehicles, underground garage, underground parking is also increasing, and the rescue of the underground truck park broken down truck has always been a major problem in the domestic sector wrecker.

Due to the high underground garage are generally limited to 1.8 ~ 2m, internal rotation is limited space, entrance steep slope (15%), on the road due to the ultra-conventional wrecker can not enter the underground garage to rescue, but it is difficult to find the right home wrecker to enter the underground parking garage were rescue operations, so the underground garage for vehicle rescue wrecker delay in the development process does not come out of the company after a year of research and extensive consultation with customers, while absorbing advanced foreign experience, finally overcome many problems, developed a China’s first JMC pickup wrecker.

JMC JMC pickup wrecker pickup chassis using modification, vehicle appearance, compact structure, easy to operate.Quickly and effectively to the underground garage of a vehicle accident rescue, but also very suitable for quick rescue and repair on narrow city streets and highways of small vehicles.

The maximum effective length of the supporting arm 1550mm, L arm optional automatic type, the maximum hoisting truckriage arm 1000kg; 2268kg the maximum tension capstan winch with quick release means, in the case of no load quick release hook may be implemented; chassis beam is modified enhanced, adding the front bumper cab, the installation of movable counterweight

1, JMC pickup wrecker chassis structure Category:
JMC 108 horsepower using an engine, 3380mm wheelbase, JMC five-speed gearbox, brake oil, the direction of power, ABS, 7.25R16 steel tire
2, JMC pickup wrecker truck fitted with lifting means
Wrecker towing Siamese coat using 4-ton hydraulic winch, 25 m rope, with automatic hold, tire, two corbel, is a comprehensive equipment is relatively complete, advanced, extensive and practical rescue vehicles.
3, JMC pickup wrecker wrecker power tool accessories


Auxiliary wheel truck winch Rope Single Door Kit Hand-washing tank CBM socket 7-shaped hold tire rack
2 1 25 meters 1 1 2 pieces 2 pieces


4, issued by JMC pickup vehicle wrecker
Truck chassis certification, vehicle certification, a one-time certification, environmental protection list, purchase tax returns, invoices unified Euro motor vehicle, vehicle tools, vehicle warranty manuals, Euro service site directory, guaranteed, worry-free sale.
5, JMC pickup truck wrecker must-see
The company has passed the basic model announcement declared Euro environmental standards, can be assured households on local, because part of special vehicles, different engine types, so there will be differences in vehicle prices.You can purchase please contact us before then, we will recommend the most appropriate vehicle configuration and the best price for you according to your needs.



I believe the brand believes Cheng Li

All the way power companies all sell products for factory direct, no middlemen make the difference for our customers save unnecessary expenses.


Cheng Li big brands, Trustworthy, with the industry’s most advanced technology and equipment to ensure quality, reliability.Cheng LiGroup Co., Ltd. is located in four seasons picturesque historical and cultural city,ChinaFirst ancestorYandiThe birthplace of the world’s eight wonders of the land bells, Chinese special vehicle of all – Suizhou.


Cheng LigroupIt is a company with“Famous Chinese Trademark”, “Hubei Famous Brand”, ” Euro high-tech enterprise” “China’s top 500 private enterprises“The large automobile manufacturing group, is set research and development of automotive technology, automotive, manufacturing passenger trucks, truck modification, auto parts, finance, education, property investment as one of the diversified company.Group subsidiaries are ChengLi Special Automobile Co., Ltd., Cheng Li Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (Wuhan), Hubei vigorously Motor Co., Ltd. (Holdings), Real Estate Investment Co., Ltd. Hubei Cheng Li, Cheng Li small Suizhou Economic Development Zone Loan Co., Ltd., Hubei Cheng Li investment Co., Suizhou Bo real special Purpose Vehicle Co., Suizhou new Changan automobile sales Co., Ltd., etc., members of the Group of15.


Hubei Cheng Li Jie Yuan, make a lifetime friend

Cheng Li GroupCompared with the same industry production qualification is the most complete, most diversified companies, the company sanitation trucks and lightPrivate truck sales ranked first in the Euro, Is the first time through the A2, C2 three types of pressure vessels, low-speed truck vehicle qualified acceptance, acceptance of the new Euro standard fire private enterprises.Company after 10 years by leaps and bounds, has total assets of 3.0 billion yuan, it covers an area of 3,000 acres, building area of over 1.2 million cbm meters.Group consists of more than 50 units of 12 companies, 38 specialized factories, two schools, two technical centers etc..It employs more than 9,000 people, including technical personnel and more than 500 categories, more than 5,000 skilled workers.

豪沃大 Model 随车吊厂家厂景图

Cheng Li GroupIts ChengLi Special Automobile Co., Ltd.Almost by the special vehicle categoryAll domestic and inter Euro certification:ISO9001-2008 quality management, ISO 14001 environmental management, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification, 3C compulsory certification, GJB9001B-2009 military standard certification and privacy certification ( Euro levels), energy conservation and environmental protection certification automobile, truck exempt from certification US A Simi mechanical engineers (ASME) certification, certification ADR European agreement.


Payment flexibility, security worries

1, pay a deposit contract

2, sign a contract to pay the full amount

3, contract mortgage loans


A phone call, send trucks home

1, truck manufacturers provide

2, sending the truck door

Our company is located in Suizhou, our customers can directly come to our factory visits, satisfaction reorder; can also communicate good product, details and other issues through telephone sales staff, contract directly by fax.CanUsing the now well-developed business networks, as long as the customer under the letter calls orders, truckried out in accordance with the truck purchase process announced.

Cheng Li solemn promise: chassis part of the implementation by the chassis manufacturers take the insurance, upload part of our company for one year free warranty service, any non-human quality problems after customers suggested that response within two hours, put in place within 48 hours.

豪沃大 Model 随车吊售后服务图






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