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JMC Kaiyun 8 cbm road sweeper


JMC Kaiyun sweeper FIG side orientation


Jiangling Yun Kai sweeper before orientation map


Jiangling Yun Kai sweeper lifting map

Jiangling Yun Kai 5 cbm congress features sweeping road vehicles:
1, using a combination of the suction scavenging garbage collection, wet dust, electro-hydraulic control, the hydraulic tilt unloading ways on pavement cleaning operation.
2, using dedicated sub-engine driven fan and a hydraulic system, to ensure that the process can continue to work with to ensure the continuity of the cleaning process.
3, a “mid four rear brush suction nozzle +” arrangement structure, easy to adjust and maintain the nozzle cleaning device, when the vehicle transitions through the good.
4, the sub-transmission is provided between the engine and the fan is provided with the automatic clutch can be disengaged automatically guaranteed when the sub-engine idling start and stop the fan, reduce the impact on the sub-engine, and improve the operational reliability of the engine sub-life.
After 5, scan disk has Obstacle avoidance and protective function and reset functions, encounters an obstacle after the retraction, over obstacles reset.
6, depending on the cleaning conditions, without increasing the sub-machine throttle achieve high schools low grades scan disk speed, which can ensure that in all kinds of pollution conditions are good cleaning results while saving fuel and bristles loss.
7, may be employed with the self-leveling pavement full floating nozzle, good suction effect, and long service life.
8, imported hydraulic valve block, to ensure the stability and smooth operation of the hydraulic vehicle.
9, high-quality hydraulic motor, to ensure job stability scan disk, and long service life.
10, made of a suction inlet eversion tube material, the tube is cut to effectively prevent the dust, the cracking, increases the service life.
11, hydraulic tubing precision seamless cold bending, the inner wall of a non-oxidizing impurities, to ensure clean hydraulic circuit, no blocking valve.
12, the scan disk brush arm using a high performance engineering plastic spacer, wear resistance, play-free butter maintenance, save resources.
13, stainless steel water tanks, bins, resistant to general corrosion and increase the life of the box.
14, and the extra-wide rear door opening angle greater than 90 degrees, easier to dump garbage, clean up trash.


Jiangling Yun Kai sweeper rear side orientation map


JMC Kaiyun sweeper FIG orientation positive side


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