JMC Jiangling 8×4 flatbed truck


Chassis configuration JMC Jiangling 8x4 flatbed truck

Jiangling Veyron flatbed transporter with 2.3m low roof with sleeper cab, Ford JX6D09.365A5 engine, 12-speed gearbox 12JSD160T A-ALUM, double front axle 8T, double rear axle 13T Type 470 , speed ratio 4.11, tire 11R22.5, wheelbase: 2050+4150+1350, 986/770×285×80×(10+7)mm frame, front suspension with few leaf springs, rear suspension with multiple leaf springs, 400L aluminum Fuel tank, with ABS, wheel differential, ASR, 165Ah battery, triangular tires, integral fender with front and rear without. Cab: home light, approach light, central control door lock, remote control key, heated main rearview mirror, rear windshield, no sunroof, main airbag seat, 4-point air cab suspension, electric cab flip, MP5, overhead air horn, T-BOX, air conditioner, driving recorder.

Standard configuration JMC Jiangling 8x4 flatbed truck

120 sets of 100mm square cylinders, 8mm thick checkered plate, manually retractable to 3 meters wide, double spring ladder and rear outriggers.

Optional configuration: 145 sets of 120mm square cylinders, 10mm or 12mm thick checkered plates, hydraulic telescopic, hydraulic ladders, folding ladders, lightweight materials and water spray devices, etc.

Installment payment: You can pay in installments nationwide, with low interest, simple procedures, and fast lending!

The complete vehicle factory includes: chassis certificate, vehicle certificate, national unified motor vehicle registration invoice, on-board tools, instruction manual and national after-sales service manual.

Due to the different configurations of the flatbed truck, the price also has certain differences. For specific requirements and prices, please call the factory direct sales phone (24 hours): +86 18872992009 (the same WeChat account)

Picture of JMC Jiangling 8x4 flatbed truck

JMC Jiangling 8×4 flatbed truck

JMC Jiangling 8×4 flatbed truck

The front face of the Rimbar+9-liter 365-horsepower Ford engine+12-speed Fast+Ford suspension system makes JMC Veyron the Tyrannosaurus Rex among engineering flatbed vehicles. The interior design of the new car is stylish, exquisite workmanship, and at the same time has strong practicability, and there is no lack of warmth under the tough exterior.

Inquiry for car purchase: +86 18872992009 (same number on WeChat)

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