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JMC small Wrecker Truck ( Euro V)

Parameter configuration table and picture display of JMC small Wrecker ( Euro V)

Our company newly launched a Euro five Jiangling small wrecker truck , the truck is modified with the Jiangling Euro five emission standard chassis, the engine is 116 horsepower, the plate length is 4.2 meters, the flap length is 1 meter, the whole vehicle length is 5995mm, and it can be small . You can drive with a license and C license.
The JMC small Wrecker can clear and transport 2 vehicles at a time, which can basically meet the tasks of cleaning, transportation and rescue of ordinary sedan truck s. Compared with the yellow truck d wrecker truck, it has a very big advantage. It is not restricted by the traffic restrictions in the urban area and can freely enter and exit the city. The price is much cheaper than the yellow truck d wrecker truck. It is an ideal choice for 4S shops, rescue companies, traffic police and other units in the central city.

Vehicle model: CLW5040TQZJ5 wrecker truck
product name: JMC small Wrecker Truck
Dimensions (length × width × height): mm 5995×2310×2200
Wheelbase: mm 3360
engine: JX493ZLQ5A Jiangling 116 horsepower
Tire specifications: 7.00R16LT 8PR
Front suspension/rear suspension: mm 1065/1570
tray: Plate size (inner): mm 5200 (4.2m+1m)
Plate sliding stroke: mm 1800
Flat back load quality: kg 4000
Minimum inclination angle of the plate (pallet/ladder): 4°/5.6°
Support arm: Maximum lifting weight (complete vehicle): kg 2000
Lifting weight with full extension: kg 1500
Maximum effective length of support arm: mm 1690
Support arm telescopic stroke: mm 1200
Arm inclination range: -4°~6°
Rated supporting quality: kg 5000
Rated pulling force of winch: KN 4000
Wire rope length: m twenty one
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