JMC 22m telescopic boom aerial work platform truck


JMC 22m telescopic boom aerial work platform truck

JMC 22m straight-arm high-altitude vehicle features

1, the front X after h-legged, good stability, can be operated at the same time or alone, adapt to a variety of operating conditions.

2, the main supporting hydraulic, electrical parts: load-sensitive proportional valves, balance valves, controllers, etc. are well-known domestic manufacturers.

3, chassis using Jiangling Euro V chassis, equipped with air conditioning, steering wheel using hydraulic power.

4, the configuration of the vehicle level, to ensure the level of the vehicle, to ensure safety.

5, computer control, automatic limit, dangerous work alarm, excellent safety performance. Get off the truck has a monitor, real-time display of the whole vehicle operation conditions.

6, hexagonal work arm, synchronous telescopic, compact structure, high operating efficiency, large range of work. Telescopic cylinder external, chain telescopic mechanism, easier to observe the broken down point, easy to repair.

7, the whole vehicle appliances using CAN bus control system, wiring neat, simple. The whole vehicle has two operations: platform operation, can also be operated on the ground, safe and reliable, high efficiency.

8, the swing mechanism is adjustable, easy to adjust.

JMC 22m telescopic boom aerial work platform truck JMC 22m telescopic boom aerial work platform truck JMC 22m telescopic boom aerial work platform truck JMC 22m telescopic boom aerial work platform truck

Technical parameters of 22m straight-arm high-altitude work vehicles

22m straight-arm high-altitude vehicle features

Select the most practical Jiangling chassis in the field of light truck ds, mid-range price, high-end quality, 600,000 kilometers without overhaul. Jiangxi Isuzu 152 hp diesel engine, authentic Euro V emission standards, Japan Isuzu technology, power performance excellent.

With a multi-section straight arm design, the vehicle is compact in structure, has a good appearance, is flexible in steering and easy to drive.

The 22-meter straight-arm high-altitude vehicle adopts a fully electronic control system and has a number of safety protection functions.

1, each leg has a soft leg support function

2, leg lock, when the arm frame is working, the leg is not allowed to operate. (Restricted action)

3, the working range (working radius) automatic limit, the maximum working range of 11.4 meters

4, the body and basket inside are equipped with a large-screen display, can display arm length, working height, working range, tilt angle

5, hanging basket can also be remote remote control high-altitude operation vehicle, stop start, etc.

6, the hanging basket automatically leveled, (under the basket and under the boom there is a cylinder) the arm rise 50 degrees, the basket dropped 50 degrees.

7, equipped with 20 meters wired remote control, operating arm frame off the truck has protection

8, one key to expand, automatic leveling, the market of other high-altitude work vehicles are not., tilt angle

Legs using front cross-type, leg span large, better vehicle stability, large inclination back-turn, so that the arm frame is longer, the length of the vehicle is shorter, more compact.

Hexagonal arm cross-section, better structural strength, so that the telescopic more smooth, double-chain locking mechanism, so that the work efficiency is higher and more secure. The single chain mechanism has met the requirements of use, and the dual-chain structure makes safety more efficient.

The vehicle is equipped with winch (roll-up machine), is now on the market telescopic high-altitude work vehicles are not available, lifting capacity of 3.3 meters lifting capacity of 1500KG up to 12 meters as far as 12 meters lifting 100KG.

The truck is equipped with an oversized toolbox that stores more tools and emergency pump work. If the engine fails, the overall arm can be retracted.

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