JMC 20m Straight Boom Telescopic Aerial Operation / Bucket Truck

The 20-meter high-altitude operating vehicle of Jiangling Blue Brand is modified with a Jiangling chassis. The operating vehicle can achieve a platform load of 260KG, a maximum operating height of 20 meters, and a maximum operating range of 11 meters. Blue brand C light driving is worry-free, good passability, suitable for small space operations; super large working platform carrying 260KG (up to 3 people), the working platform can be rotated 180°; the steel structure of the whole vehicle is made of high-strength materials and its own weight Light weight, high strength, high toughness and high reliability;

Parameter configuration table and picture display of JMC small 20m telescopic boom telescopic aerial operating vehicle

JMC 20m Straight Boom Telescopic Aerial  Operation / Bucket Truck
The main technical parameters
Main technical parameters of CLW5043JGKJ5 aerial operating vehicle
category project unit data
Size parameters ★Total length mm 5995
★Total width mm 2050
★Total height mm 2900
Quality parameter Number of passengers (including driver) people 2
★Total mass kg 4495
Main performance parameters Rated load of working platform kg 260
★Maximum working height m 20.0
★Operating range at maximum operating height m 3.0
★Maximum operating range m 9.0
★Operating height at maximum operating range m 17.0
Outrigger span★ Horizontal mm 4140
Vertical mm 4300
Driving parameters ★Front overhang mm 1065
★Back suspension mm 1440
★wheelbase mm 3360
Driving speed Km/h 99
Approach angle ° 27
Departure angle ° 11
Configuration instructions
Part Name A brief description
Chassis JMC Shunda JX1041TG25
engine The maximum power of Isuzu engine is 85KW, the emission of China V
Cab Single row seat, can seat 2 people
Steering assist Power steering
Temperature adjustment Air conditioning
Hoarding and platform board Stainless steel fence and anti-skid platform
Power take-off system Mechanical operation
Work platform High-strength aluminum alloy size: 1280X710X1200
Boom form ★Four-section pentagonal working arm, synchronized telescopic
Slewing device 360 degree continuous rotation
Outrigger ★Front V and rear H type, individually adjustable (control)
operating ★Electric control operation, and manual emergency operation
Control System ★CAN bus control system, equipped with wireless remote control, to achieve stepless speed regulation
Leveling system ★Automatic hydrostatic leveling
JMC 20m Straight Boom Telescopic Aerial  Operation / Bucket Truck
Basic functions and safety configuration
The basic functional safety configuration of CLW5043JGKJ5 aerial operating vehicle: The operating vehicle can achieve a platform load of 260KG, the maximum operating height is 20 meters, and the maximum operating range is 11 meters.
name A brief description
Automatic interlocking device for getting on and off ★Used for interlocking on and off vehicles to prevent the danger of misoperation
Manual emergency pump ★When the engine and main pump fail, the staff can be sent back to the ground through the emergency system and the vehicle can be recovered to the driving state
Emergency stop device for working platform ★Used for emergency stop operation and limit boom operation
Automatically limit the working range ★When the working range reaches the specified value, it will automatically limit the work in the dangerous direction.
"Unrealistic support" restricts work ★When the outriggers do not support the ground in real time (soft legs), the boom will limit the work in dangerous directions.
Night safety warning device ★There are engineering strobe lights and LED lights on the vehicle
Engine ignition stall ★The controller can ignite and stop the engine
Anti-leakage protector ★When the mains 220V is externally supplied, it is equipped with a leakage protector to ensure the safety of the power supply of the whole vehicle and the use of electric tools
"Forced" operation function ★When restricted to work, you can expand your work through the "force" function

JMC 20m Straight Boom Telescopic Aerial  Operation / Bucket Truck
Main features and advantages:
Small C light driving is worry-free, good passability, suitable for small space operations; ★
The maximum working height can reach 20 meters (there are 17 meters and 21 meters to choose from)★
The super large working platform can truck ry 260KG (up to 3 people), and the working platform can be rotated 180°; ★
The steel structural parts of the whole vehicle are made of high-strength materials, with light weight, high strength, high toughness and high reliability; ★
The imported electro-hydraulic proportional valve group cooperates with the advanced CAN bus control system and is equipped with a wireless remote control, which makes the operation safer and more convenient; ★
Get off the truck with a 5-inch LCD display, which can display the detection arm length, elevation angle, platform height, working height, etc. in real time; ★
The boom adopts the domestic leading 3-section full-chain telescopic structure with a built-in chain break protector, which makes the work safer and more stable; ★
The front V and rear H-shaped outriggers have good stability and are equipped with a "soft leg" protection function, which can be operated simultaneously or individually to adapt to a variety of working conditions. ★
The main supporting hydraulic and electrical components: imported load-sensitive proportional valves, balance valves, CAN bus control systems, etc. are produced by well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers. ★
The chassis adopts the Jiangling Shunda Euro V chassis, equipped with air conditioning, and the steering wheel uses hydraulic power.
The hanging basket is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, and the hanging basket is not easy to be damaged, rusted, and the lightweight structure is designed to truck ry more weight. ★
Pentagonal working arm, synchronous telescopic, compact structure, high working efficiency and large working range. Built-in telescopic oil cylinder, double-chain telescopic mechanism, easier to observe the broken down point, convenient maintenance. ★
The electrical appliances of the whole vehicle adopt CAN bus control system, the wiring is neat and simple. The whole vehicle has two operations: wireless remote control operation, (optional) can also be operated in the hanging basket, safe and reliable, and high work efficiency. ★
The work platform is matched with 220V mains power interface, and daily electric tools can be used, which is not affected by the power consumption of the working environment. ★

List of key parts:
name Euro Introduction
Electro-hydraulic proportional valve HydraForce Mainly control the fuel supply for each movement on the truck , used to adjust the speed and smooth the movement
Electrical controller Xuzhou Haoyi CAN bus control system, (equivalent to computer CPU) intelligent control of various actions and safety protection devices, maintenance-free
Get off the multi-way valve Shanghai Qiangtian Manipulate the outriggers to extend and retract, the reversing operation is sensitive, the action is light and stable;
Flashlight integrated truck control valve Haizhou Hydraulic Select and switch each action on the train, and each action is automatically interlocked, safe and controllable;
Two-way balancing valve American HBS The self-locking function prevents the tubing from bursting, the working arm and the platform automatically fall, safety protection, and it can also ensure smooth movement;
Hydraulic hose Manuli The hydraulic pipelines are connected, and there is no oil leakage, dripping or oil leakage;
Hydraulic fittings American Parker All hydraulic pipelines are connected, with long service life and not easy to damage;
Hydraulic pump Hefei Changyuan The hydraulic power source of the entire high-altitude operation mechanism is of good quality and high reliability;
Limit switch Zhejiang Shanghai Workers Interlocking of getting on and off the vehicle, movement limit;
LCD display system Xuzhou Hessman Real-time display of arm length, elevation angle, platform height, working height, etc.;


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