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Jinbei Sea Lion Bread Refrigerated Truck

Parameter configuration table and picture display of Jinbei Sea Lion bread refrigerated truck

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Chassis configuration: It adopts the original Jinbei Sea Lion chassis, equipped with Mianyang Xinchen Power Machinery Co., Ltd. V20 engine (110 horsepower), cab air-conditioning, steering assist, oil brake, wheelbase 2920mm, 195/70R15 tires, total mass 2900kg, The rated load is 970kg, and the equipment is 1800kg.

Car body configuration: the effective internal dimensions of the refrigerator compartment: length 2.9 meters × width 1.38 meters × height 1.45 meters The actual volume is about 5.5 cubic meters, the refrigerator compartment skin material uses inner glass fiber reinforced plastic, outer stainless steel, patterned aluminum or glass fiber reinforced plastic bottom plate, 8cm polyurethane insulation, Stainless steel door locks, equipped with rear double doors (double doors), -5 degrees or -18 refrigeration units are optional.

Other instructions: This bread refrigerated truck is very suitable for cold chain express transportation of medicines, vaccines refrigerated trucks, urban seafood, fruits and vegetables, meat, etc. The maximum speed is up to 130 kilometers per hour.

Detailed parameters of Jinbei Sea Lion refrigerated truck

Basic parameters
Vehicle model: SY5033XLCL-D5SBH
Fuel type: gasoline
Emission Standards: Euro five
Overall vehicle size (length×width×height): 5350×1690×2425(mm)
Cargo box size (length×width×height): 2900×1380×1450(mm)
Box volume: 5.8 cubic meters
Registered tonnage: 970(Kg)
Cooling temperature: -5 to -18°C adjustable (choose 2-8°C for vaccine drug transportation)
Refrigeration unit description: Domestic or imported brand refrigeration units, a variety of options are available.
Body description: It adopts 8cm thick high-density polyurethane insulation layer, high-strength glass steel plate, non-slip pattern floor.
Engine parameters
engine model: V20
Maximum horsepower: 110
Maximum power: 81(KW)
Displacement: 2020(ml)
Chassis parameters
Chassis model: Load-bearing body
Wheelbase: 2920(mm)
Number of tires: 4
Tire specifications: 195/70R15
Front track: 1460(mm)
Rear track: 1440(mm)
other instructions: It can be equipped with side doors, ventilation guards around the compartment, air ducts on the bottom plate, and temperature and humidity recorders.
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