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Jiefang J6 one-to-two flat wrecker truck

Jiefang J6 one-to-two flat wrecker parameter configuration table and picture display

Jiefang J6 one-to-two wrecker truck . It is composed of Jiefang J6 special chassis, lifting platform device, lifting traction device, hydraulic system, electronic control system, truck body and toolbox, etc. It has multiple functions such as platform lifting, pulling and lifting traction. It is suitable for expressways, Obstacle removal operations on urban roads. As well as rescue and transportation operations of rescue companies and truck 4S shops, it can clean and transport 2 vehicles at a time.
Jiefang original chassis, one and a half rows of cabs, Deutz 140 horsepower EFI engine, cut-off brake, 6-speed gearbox, 4400mm wheelbase, 8.25-R16 steel wire tires, plate length 6 meters, width 2.35 meters, tail The board is at an angle of 8 degrees from the ground. It is made of a flat 5mm thick checkered board, with intercooler pressurization, with direction assistance, 2 new tugs, 21m steel wire rope, 1 spare tire, tire sleeve, 1 jack, and tools , A set of yellow police lights with indoor megaphone. Vehicle color: suet white and engineering yellow.


Jiefang J6 flat-panel one drags two clears and misses the main technical data of a product
product name: Jiefang J6 one to two wrecker truck Dimensions (mm): 8580x2480x2730
Vehicle model: CLW5083TQZC4 Plate size (mm): 6200X2480
Total mass: (kg) 8490 Carrying weight (kg ) : 6500
Rated mass: (kg) Lifting weight (kg ): 3000
Curb weight: (kg) 6200 Maximum speed : 95 (km/h)
Axle load: 3050/5440
Chassis parameters
Chassis model: CA1083P62K1L2E4 batch: 274
Number of axes: 2 Chassis type: Second category
Wheelbase (mm): 4250 , 4400 Front track (mm): 1800
Rated passenger Rear track (mm): 1740
Number of tires: 6 Number of springs: 11/7+6,3/7+6
Tire specifications: 8.25-16,8.25R16(16PR)
Vehicle description: Jiefang J6L luxury sleeper cab, Dachai (New Deutz) 140 horsepower engine, Jiefang 6-speed gearbox, 220mm*75mm*5mm beam, 7 tons rear axle, 8.25-16 tires, air brake, original air conditioner. This truck Optional: Jiefang J5 chassis, the same configuration as J6; Jiefang Tiger 3860mm wheelbase, Dachai 120 horsepower engine, 5-speed box, 7.50-16 steel wire tires, air brake.
Engine parameters
engine model Engine manufacturer Displacement (ml) Power (kw)



China FAW Group Corporation

China FAW Group Corporation





Emission Standards: Euro four Fuel type: Diesel oil
part Configuration, function
flat Dimensions: 6.2 meters long * 2.48 meters wide. 5mm checkered plate or cold stamped concave-convex plate. It can truck ry 6.5 tons.
Back-loading function: the flat panel can be tilted out and touch the ground at a small angle. The vehicle being truck ried can directly open the flat surface, or use a hydraulic winch to pull it to the flat surface, or use a crane to lift the flat surface, and the flat surface will retract again Original position, complete loading.
Arm support Two-section support arm, which can be extended and retracted by 1.5 meters. Lift 3 tons.
Lifting function: The supporting arm can be extended and lifted, and the damaged vehicle can be lifted and dragged from the front or rear axles, wheels, leaf springs, frame, etc. Towing function: It can tow away the damaged vehicle held up by one end. It can also use a tow bar to tow the accident vehicle away from the vehicle whose axle is not damaged.
Winch 4 tons of hydraulic winch, 21 meters of steel wire rope.
Drag function: drag the vehicle onto the flatbed.
other Engineering police lights, shouting microphones, tight rope straps, auxiliary trolleys, forklifts, tow hooks, spare tires, on-board maintenance tools, etc. Hydraulic components (multi-way valve, steering valve, hydraulic lock) are all imported products! A chassis certificate, a vehicle certificate, a Euro unified motor vehicle invoice, a vehicle-mounted tool, a vehicle warranty manual, and a Euro service station list are issued with the vehicle


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