Jiefang J6 Flatbed Transporter


Jiefang J6 Flatbed Transporter

The overlord among the single-axle flatbed trucks, the Jiefang J6 flatbed transporter, first of all, the price is ¥172,000, the brand value is high and not expensive! Dachai 180-horsepower four-cylinder engine, Fast 8-speed gearbox, 9.00 steel tires, 237 double-layer beams, the appearance of the vehicle is calm, original air conditioning, shock-absorbing seats, and the cab has a sleeper, so that you will not be in the long-distance transportation. No matter how tired, the tops are made of 100x100 square beams, flat 5mm patterned steel plates, sturdy and durable, detachable guardrails for easy maintenance, laser-cut standard rooms, horizontal and vertical four-sided welding tail ladders are twice as strong as channel steel, and the length 6.5 meters, 2.5 meters wide flat plate, all excavators below 150 can move up and down freely, liberate J6 flatbed transporter, your first choice to start a business and get rich in 2020!

Jiefang J6 Flatbed Transporter

Configuration: Dachai Road 4-cylinder 180-horsepower euro VI engine, FAW 8-speed gearbox with high and low gears, 9T rear axle, 9.00R20 steel wire tires, wheelbase 5000mm, 237 double-layer girders, vehicle size: 9000X2550X2900, plate length 6400mm ( Including slope), ABS, driving recorder, original air conditioner, electric glass, optional single-section, double-section hydraulic ladder, total mass: 16 tons, load: 8.535 tons, curb: 7.27 tons, change 10.00R20 tires and add 1000

Jiefang J6 flatbed transporter parameters

Vehicle model: CA5160TPBP62K1L4AE6, Jiefang single-axle flatbed truck

Engine: Dachai 180 hp

Gearbox: Fast 8-speed gearbox

Front and rear axles: 4 tons for the front axle, 9 tons for the rear axle

Tire: 9.00R20 steel tire

Girder: 237 double deck

Vehicle size: 9000x2500x2850mm

Description: Suitable for climbing chaotic roads in mountainous areas, manufactured by FAW Plant in Changchun, Jilin, the actual usable board length is 6.2 meters, including the 60 cm rear ladder part

Jiefang J6 flatbed transporter configuration: the flat surface is 6.5 meters long (including slopes) and 2.5 meters wide

Jiefang single-axle flatbed transporter has always been a leader among single-axle models, and more importantly, it is not expensive, and is deeply loved by the majority of card lovers!

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