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Jiefang J6 Bulk Feed Transporter (20 cbm)

Faw J6 Bulk Feed Transporter (20 cbm s) parameter configuration table and picture display

The basic parameters of Faw J6 bulk feed truck
Vehicle name: Bulk feed truck Chinese Brand: Cheng Liwei
Vehicle model: CLW5180ZSLC5 bulk feed transporter tonnage: 10 tons -12 tons
Dimensions: Length: 8950 (mm) / Width: 2450 (mm) / Height: 3710 (mm) Tank volume: 20 cubic
Total mass: 18000(kg) Direction help: Directional assistance
Quality of preparation: 8990(kg) Rated quality: 8815,8880(kg)
engine model CA4DK1-18E51 Wheelbase: 5000mm
Number of axes: 2 Maximum speed (km/h): 101
Gearbox: CA6T138 Front and rear bridge: 378 Cast bridge (9 tons) speed ratio 5.571
Number of tires (a): 6 Tire specifications: 9.00R20 steel wire tire
Conveying height: 8.2 meters Conveying distance: 7.2 meters
Unloading speed: ≥510(kg/min) Residual rate: ≤0.10%
Production cycle: 20 working days Vehicle price:
Chassis emission standards: GB17691-2005 Euro V, GB3847-2005 ( Euro V Standard-No worries on the license )


Top loading box parameters
Tank material: The tank body is made of special volume plates for Wuhan Iron and Steel Overall dimensions of tank: 6100×2450×2190(mm)
Tank volume: 20 cubic Tank tonnage: Density: 500 kg/m3 (actually 6~10 tons)
Transport medium: Extruded and pelleted feed, meal, corn; Unloading speed: ≥510(kg/min)
Vehicle unloading time: 25 minutes Maximum elevation angle of discharge: 70 degrees
Horizontal conveying distance: 7.2 meters Unloading rotation angle: 360 degrees (180 degrees on one side)
Vertical conveying distance: 8.2 meters Tank compartment: Standard configuration is divided into two warehouses, and two different feeds can be loaded at the same time


Configuration instructions
Chassis configuration: It adopts Faw chassis, Dachai 180 horsepower engine, ABS, driving recorder, original air conditioner, manual glass lifter, manual rearview mirror, 9.00R20 steel wire tire, 378 cast bridge speed ratio 5.571, CA6T138 gearbox.
Modification configuration: The tank is made of high-strength and high-quality Wuhan Steel, which can be 20 cubic meters according to customer requirements. It can be divided into multiple bins for loading and unloading a variety of different feeds. There are two standard bins, which can enhance the strength of the tank. Medium: extruded and pelleted feed, powder, corn; density: 500 kg/m3. And according to the actual situation of the user, electric screw auger type (three-phase electric supporting place) or hydraulic screw auger type (no three-phase electric place) can be selected.
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