Jiefang J6 8X4 flatbed transporter


FAW Jiefang J6 8X4 flatbed transporter

The mountain version of the dump chassis is adopted, which can transport about 30 tons of large excavators and construction machinery, as well as large objects. The cab, engine, gearbox, and rear axle are all independently developed by Jiefang, with high safety and comfort.

Jiefang J6 8X4 flatbed transporter

Announcement parameters FAW Jiefang J6 8X4 flatbed transporter

Vehicle model AAA5312TPBCA5 Jiefang J6 front four rear eight flatbed transporter
cab flat roof/high roof
engine Xichai 350 horsepower
gearbox Jiefang 12-speed CA12TAX160M transmission (spline output power take-off)
frame 300mm double layer
total mass 31000kg
frame Front Axle 5T Rear Axle 13T / Front Axle 7T Rear Axle 16T (2 optional)Ф457 Cast Steel Axle Speed Ratio 5.286
wheelbase 2100+3600+1350mm
Dimensions 11000*2550*3600mm
tire 11.00R20 steel wire tire

Model configuration Jiefang J6 8X4 flatbed transporter

Adopt 17 models of J6P full-floating flat-roof cab, original automatic air conditioning, electric doors and windows, central control lock, airbag seat, Xichai CA6DL2-35E5 (BOSCH common rail + SCR, engine brake), gearbox CA12TAX160M transmission (flower key output power take-off), axle Ф457 cast steel bridge (automatic adjustment arm, domestic ABS, 2-hole V-rod), speed ratio 5.286, optional 16-ton wheel deceleration rear axle, 300mm double-layer girder, thickened steel plate Spring, 11.00R20 steel wire tire, 400L steel fuel tank, integrated iron shell oil bath air filter, wheelbase adopts 2100+3600+1350mm


The length of the whole vehicle is 11 meters, the flat plate with slope is 8.2 meters, and the length of the flat plate is 7 meters 2, the length of the flat plate is 10 meters. The ladder is controlled by hydraulic cylinder.


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