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Jiefang Ba Ling small fire sprinkler (2 tons)

Faw Ba Ling small fire sprinkler (2 tons) parameter configuration table and picture display

FAW Hongta Pa bell fire sprinkler liberation, is the use of China First Automobile Group, FAW Hongta Yunnan Automobile Manufacturing Co CA1040K3LE5 second-class truck chassis, the installation of water tanks and fire sprinkler equipment refitted special vehicles, is a set of A dual-purpose vehicle that integrates a fire truck and a sprinkler has an integrated purpose of firefighting and sprinkling. It is mainly used for firefighting sprinklers and greening sprinklers in communities, streets, towns and villages.

FAW Hongta FAWBaling fire sprinkler is suitable for public security fire brigades, full-time enterprise fire brigades, schools, forest fire departments, airports, factories, mining areas, rural fire stations and other standing fire vehicles.

1. The whole vehicle

1. The tank volume is 2 cubic meters

2. Greening spraying and fire fighting: shooting range ≥25-50m

Second, the chassis

1. Drive type: 4×2

2. Wheelbase: 2400mm

3. Engine: inline four-cylinder, water-cooled, high-pressure common rail, supercharged and inter-cooled diesel engine

4. Gearbox: Mechanical manual gearbox, 5 forward gears.

5. Steering system: left-mounted, hydraulic power steering,

6. Braking system, parking brake: central disc brake

7. Power take-off: side power take-off, manual flexible shaft control. (Optional)

Three, driving room

1. Structure: flat-head cab, fixed type.
2. Layout: single row and double doors, with 2 passengers
3. Equipment: In addition to the original vehicle equipment, operating switches, etc.

Four, tops

1. Tank

(1) Volume: 2000L (water).

(2) Structure:

1) cbm -circle welded structure, with anti-sway board and anti-wave hole inside.

2) One set of manhole and manhole cover, diameter φ500 mm.

3) 1 water outlet, located at the bottom of the tank, with a diameter of DN50.

(3) Material: Welded with high-quality truck bon steel materials, the thickness of the cylinder is 4mm, and the thickness of the head is 5mm. (According to customer needs: the inner wall can be treated with anti-corrosion, which is durable.)

(4) Equipment:

(1) Manhole cover: with quick locking and opening device, opening fast and safe.

(2) Outlet valve: manual control

(3) Top: Anti-slip pattern steel plate and stainless steel guardrails on both sides to ensure personnel safety.

(4) Tail: The tail of the tank needs to be equipped with an equipment box, and the door is made of light alloy rolling shutter doors, equipped with a climbing ladder for operators to go up and down.

5. Motorized fire pump and waterway system

1. Hand truck ry mobile fire pump

(1) Model: JBQ5.0/8.6(11HP)

(2) Installation location: inside the rolling door box at the rear of the tank.

(3) Engine type: air-cooled, four-stroke, single cylinder

(4) Theoretical maximum power (KW): 8.1

(5) Pneumatic mode: manual pneumatic (electrical is optional)

(6) Pump type: single-stage centrifugal pump

(7) Maximum flow rate: (T/H) 46

(8) Maximum lift: (m) 50

(9) Water diversion method: rotary vane vacuum pump

(10) Self-priming depth (m): 6-7

(11) Water inlet diameter (mm): 65

(12) Water outlet diameter (mm): 65

2. Pipeline

(1) Tank outlet pipeline: DN50/DN65 with manual ball valve, right to right

(2) Outer suction pipeline: DN50/DN65 right to right

(3) Gun outlet pipe: DN50/DN65 with manual ball valve, rear up

(4) Water outlet pipeline: DN50/DN65 with manual ball valve, right to right

(5) Fire interface: DN50/DN65, with pipe thread interface, right to right

Six, equipment compartment system

1. Material: high-quality steel and aluminum alloy profiles

2. Structure: The outer frame and outer skin of the truck riage are made of high-quality Q235 steel, the inner frame is made of high-quality truck bon steel or high-strength aluminum alloy profiles, and the inner decorative board and bottom plate are made of aluminum alloy plates.

3. Equipment compartment door: adopt light high-quality aluminum alloy with large aluminum alloy rolling shutter door, flexible opening and closing, good sealing, low noise, beautiful appearance, light and reliable, all rolling shutter doors can be opened with one key.

Equipment layout principle:

Design equipment integration according to battle organization and battle start

Design various equipment brackets according to ergonomic principles

Place the equipment according to the logical relationship and frequency of use

Standing on the ground, fetch and place fire fighting equipment in 2 actions

Seven, electrical and warning system

1. The rear is equipped with a combination tail lamp and license plate lamp that meets Euro standards.

2. Control system: power take-off operating lever, installed in the cab (optional).

3. Optional long row of warning lights at the front of the roof, and an alarm in the cab (optional)

4. Two flashing lights (optional) are equipped on the upper part of both sides of the truck riage

8. Vehicle spray painting

Body color: R03 red in accordance with GB/T3181 “Paint Film Color Standard” stipulated by GB7258

Body paint: the surface of the truck riage is sprayed with bright red gloss paint

Vehicle marking: can be sprayed according to user requirements

Nine, truck roof

There is an aluminum alloy safety ladder on the right side of the rear compartment;

The upper part of the truck riage is covered with an anti-skid board, and the accumulated water flows naturally;

10. List of basic equipment on board

1. 1 suction pipe
2. Chassis special tools 1 pair

11. Documents and information on the vehicle

Chassis instruction manual (1 copy) Chassis maintenance manual (1 copy)

Chassis quality warranty truck d (1 copy) Chassis qualification certificate (1 copy)

On-board maintenance tool list (1 copy) vehicle certificate

12. Optional sprinkler system

Sprinkler pump model: 65QZ-40/50

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