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Jiangling Road Sweeper

JMC road sweeper parameter configuration table and picture display

Jiangling Road Sweeper

Jiangling Road Sweeper is a new generation of road sweeping special vehicle developed by our company. It is modified with the original Jiangling chassis. The vehicle is in stable condition and has excellent technology. It is guaranteed nationwide! The auxiliary engine is a 64KW engine produced by Jiangxi Isuzu. The main and auxiliary engines are controlled separately to achieve perfect energy saving and consumption reduction. With its own flexible and agile maneuverability, Jiangling Road Sweeper is good at mechanized cleaning and cleaning operations in communities, arterial roads, parks, streets, cbm, construction sites, schools, factories and mines, branch roads, etc. One machine can hold about 60 people. Work efficiency is worth yours!

Vehicle configuration: Jiangling road sweeper, Jiangling 115 horsepower, overall vehicle dimensions: 6190*1990*2590mm, working width: 2.8m, water tank volume: 1.2 cubic meters, dustbin volume: 4.2 cubic meters!

Standard configuration: with 4 sweep discs, Jiangling auxiliary engine, Italian motor, Taiwan hydraulic valve, stainless steel water tank, stainless steel trash can, Schneider control switch , rear arrow light, equipped with manual pump emergency system, maintenance-free self-separating clutch, free Maintain the fan, sweeping width: 2.8-3.2M!

The hydraulic valve adopts the German imported solenoid valve ; the hydraulic pipeline adopts the German standard technical sealing structure, which has good vibration resistance and high sealing reliability, and can achieve a leak-free sealing effect. The cleaning system is powered by the auxiliary engine and does not interfere with the power of the whole vehicle. . The control box is in the cab, and each system is electrically controlled centrally, which is easy to operate. Computerized appearance design, high side skirts, curved surface transition, overall coordination and symmetrical;

The cleaning speed is 5-25 km per hour, and the fuel consumption for cleaning operations is as low as less than 2.5L per 10,000 cbm meters. Water can be sprayed during cleaning to completely prevent secondary environmental pollution. After inspection, the performance is excellent.

Whole vehicle Vehicle name Jiangling Road Sweeper
Dimensions 6190×1990×2590(mm)
Total mass 7300kg
Curb quality 3360kg
Rated load quality 3810kg
Front suspension/rear suspension 1075/1755
Approach/departure angle 20/13
Maximum climbing angle 30%
Minimum ground clearance 240 mm
Maximum speed 80km/h
Chassis Brand JMC Shunda N600
Chassis model JX1071TG26
Drive form 4×2
Cab single row
Number of passengers 2 people (including driver)
Wheelbase 3360mm
Leaf spring 8/8+7
Gearbox 5 gears (manual)
Tires 7.00R16LT 14PR
engine engine JMC 115 horsepower (JX4D30D6H)
Fuel type Diesel oil
Emission Standards GB3847-2005, GB17691-2018 Euro VI ( Euro VI)
power 85kw
Displacement 2.892L
Rated speed 3200rpm
Maximum torque 281N.m
Maximum torque speed 1800rpm
Auxiliary engine Model/Power JX493ZG3 / JE493ZG5 (64kw)
Tank Rated capacity of water tank 1.2 m³
Trash can Rated capacity of trash bin 4.2 m³
Trash can tipping angle ≥46°
Opening angle of discharge door ≥85°
Suction sweeping operation Cleaning efficiency ≥95%
Maximum suction particle size 120 mm
Suction sweep width 2.8-3.0 m
Maximum cleaning capacity 60000 m2/h
Extending size of disc brush ≥400 mm
Suction sweep travel speed 3-20 km/h
Sprinkler system The main components Electric diaphragm pumps, water filters, nozzles, etc.
Scanning device Type There are four sweeping discs in the middle, driven by a hydraulic motor, and the front right can be independently controlled, with the function of avoidance recovery.
Sweep disc diameter 850 mm
Sweep angle Forward tilt: 4-6 degrees, outer tilt: 4-7 degrees
Sucker Type Single suction port, hydraulic control, spring suspension.
Suction mouth diameter 200 mm
Hydraulic system Type Open type, electrical control
Main components Gear pumps, hydraulic motors, hydraulic cylinders, solenoid valves
System pressure 16 MPa
Hydraulic oil tank capacity 60 L
Oil temperature 60 ˚C
Electrical System Type DC24 V
Voltage 24 V
Battery 24 V (2 pcs of 12 V in series)
Dedicated function 4 central sweep discs with 3 speeds; Jiangling auxiliary engine; powerful motor; Schneider control switch; Taiwan solenoid valve group; maintenance-free self-separation clutch; NorthGlass Taiwan letter maintenance-free fan; stainless steel water tank; stainless steel trash can ; LED arrow lights at the tail; manual pump emergency system; brush arm rotating mechanism uses high-tech wear-resistant engineering spacer, no grease; precision cold-formed seamless hydraulic oil pipe.
*Note: This parameter is the standard configuration of the manufacturer and can be customized according to customer needs.

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