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Jiangling Motorcycle Wrecker

Parameter configuration table and picture display of Jiangling Motorcycle Wrecker

The JMC Shunda motorcycle wrecker produced by our company can be used by the traffic department to deal with violations. It can pull motorcycles and small truck s. The wrecker has a guardrail device. The vehicle has a beautiful appearance, economical and practical, and powerful. The best vehicle for truck repair shops to clear road obstacles.

The JMC road wrecker is modified by our factory on the basis of JMC’s original JX1040TGA23 chassis, using JMC’s chassis, JX1040TGA23 JMC single-row Shunda, and optional JX493ZLQ3 high-pressure common rail 115 horsepower engine, 85 kilowatts. Or JX493ZLQ3A EGR 102 horsepower engine, 75 kilowatts, Jiang gear 5-speed gearbox (JC528T6), wheelbase 3360mm, 700 semi-steel tubeless radial tires!

Special multifunctional wrecker for Jiangling Motorcycle 【Main technical parameters】
Total mass (Kg) 4300 Tank volume (m3)
Rated load quality (Kg) Dimensions (mm) 5400×1960×2450
Curb weight (Kg) 3750 Cargo compartment size (mm) ××
The number of passengers in the cab (person) 2 Load quality utilization factor
Approach angle/departure angle (°) 27/16 Front suspension/rear suspension (mm) 1015/1025
Number of axes 2 Wheelbase (mm) 3360
Axle load (Kg) 1650/2650 Maximum speed (Km/h) 95
other Lifting weight: 420kg; optional warning light; optional L-shaped bracket.
【Chassis technical parameters】
Chassis model JX1040TGA23 Chassis name Truck Chassis (Class 2)
Trade name JMC manufacturer Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd.
Dimensions (mm) 5825×1880×2020 Number of tires 6
Approach angle/departure angle (°) 27/18.5 Tire specifications 7.00R16LT,7.00-16LT
Number of leaf spring 7/4+5 Front track (mm) 1385
Fuel type Diesel oil Rear track (mm) 1425
Emission Standards GB17691-2005 EuroIII, GB3847-2005
engine model Engine manufacturer Displacement (ml) Power (Kw)


Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd.

Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd.





The wrecker truck produced by our company is equipped with lifting traction device, hydraulic system, electronic control system, etc. on the basis of a special vehicle chassis. It has multiple functions such as lifting, traction, lifting, lifting platform, back load transportation, etc., and has a structural design Reasonable, simple to operate, beautiful in appearance, reliable and practical. It is widely used in highways, urban traffic management, traffic police departments, airport terminals, auto repair industries and other departments, and can quickly clean up accidents, faults, violations and other vehicles in a timely manner.
The vehicle has the functions of lifting, towing, towing, etc.;
The truck can be optionally equipped with a double winch, with a maximum lifting weight of 4 tons, a maximum hauling weight of 6 tons, and optional automatic clamping devices, double winches, and so on.

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