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Jiangling Kairui one tow two truck s flat wrecker

Jiangling Kairui one tow two truck s flat wrecker

江铃凯锐一拖二平板清障车 前侧图

JMC KR front side of a tow of plate wrecker FIG.


Jiangling Kay sharp one tow two truck s flat wrecker chassis configuration:JMC using KR Series chassis, front turn a single row, the bridge truck interior, JMC 152 horsepower engine, six-speed gearbox, the wheelbase 3815mm, 5.2 t rear axle, 7.50R16 steel tire factory, factory abs, power steering, air-conditioning factory, clutch booster, breathe brake, electric glass, central locking.

Jiangling Kay sharp one tow two truck s flat wrecker vehicle configurations:
JMC KR flat wrecker, flat truck length 5.6 m, width 2.33m thick diamond plate 4 can be flat or shaped disposable pressboard.Tops 4 tons, four tons with a hydraulic winch, the rope 25 m, bilateral linkage operation, the auxiliary wheel trolley with a pair of forks, 7 a pair of tools a lorry, 4 sets of straps, two work lights, with yellow electronic long row of LED lights.I wrecker adoption of advanced foreign skilled technology products, production processes, all imports of seal hydraulic parts, new skid plates, reinforced beams fixed to enhance the truckrying capacity, and the load platform surface using die stamping, stamina and strong deformation, the Euro with after-sales site, and to ensure that the Euro can on the truckd.

江铃凯锐一拖二平板清障车 工厂实景


Cheng Li Group is a truck, education, investment as the mainstay of the company, ChengLi Special Automobile Co., Ltd. is an important part of the process of the Group, is the way of the main pillars of the Group’s auto sector enterprises.In 2010, ChengLi Special Automobile Co., Ltd. covers an area of 500 acres, in the book more than 2,000 employees, production and marketing of various types of special purpose vehicles of more than 10,000 units, the output value of one billion yuan, export 15 million yuan, 20 million yuan turned over to state tax.

ChengLi Special Automobile Co., Ltd., NDRC designated professional production of various kinds of special-purpose vehicles manufacturers, large dedicated truck factory.Well-known landscape, petrochemical, municipal sanitation special vehicle manufacturers.The company has the right to export their own products occupy a large number of foreign markets, its leading varietiessprinkler, Tanker, truck mounted crane, refrigerated trucks, wrecker trucks, flatbed trucks, suction truck, sewage suction trucks, garbage trucks, road sweeping vehicles, truck, dump truck, coach trucks, semi-trailer, fire engines , chemical trucks, powder material truck, concrete mixers, pressure vessels and other 18 series300More varieties of models.Registered trademark “Cheng Liwei” brand, won the well-known trademarks in China, Dongfeng, FAW of the company’s important cooperation partner, dedicated primarily engaged in various types of vehicle manufacturing business, while sales of all major vehicle manufacturers and accessories.




江铃凯锐一拖二平板清障车 程力集团

Wrecker operation requirements, determine the different types of wrecker wrecker operating environment, configuration requirements of the wrecker’s not the same.The same highway, and some sections of larger, medium truck and coach traffic, while others are more and more heavy-duty truck.In this regard, Wrecker configuration should be different, the former should be more heavy-duty wrecker configuration and device can be cleared with the bus, which you should configure the super-heavy wrecker.The same is the city traffic police department, some places need to clean up illegal motorcycle more, some places need to be cleared of illegal truck more, this former should be configured with a motorized lift platform type wrecker, which should be configured quickly automatic fixture type wrecker.

江铃凯锐一拖二平板清障车 车  Model 实景

江铃凯锐一拖二平板清障车 前侧图

JMC KR front side of a tow of plate wrecker FIG.

The wrecker vehicle issued:Chassis certification, vehicle certification, unified Euro invoices motor vehicle, vehicle tools, vehicle warranty manuals, service stations nationwide directory.
Buyers must see:JMC KR flat wrecker announcement has been through the Euro environmental standards, can be assured the families, because part of special vehicles, different engine types, so there will be differences in vehicle prices.Please contact us before purchase, we will recommend the most appropriate vehicle configuration and the best price for you according to your needs.




江铃凯锐一拖二平板清障车 正侧图

JMC KR one tow two truck s flat wrecker positive side in FIG.

When the wrecker job is torr (drag) of the vehicle from the scene clear, generally use two methods towing bracket and pull.Is the use of pull-Tropsch Tropsch wrecker arm is lifted and towing motorcycles.Towing dragged often referred to, is the use of wrecker will be hard-wired trailer towing.

江铃凯锐一拖二平板清障车 底盘细节

江铃凯锐一拖二平板清障车 底盘细节

江铃凯锐一拖二平板清障车 上装细节

江铃凯锐一拖二平板清障车 上装细节


江铃凯锐一拖二平板清障车 演示效果

Jiangling Kay sharp one tow two truck s flat wrecker demonstration effect


The following table shows the technical parameters Wrecker




The following table is the wrecker staging scheme (particularly subject to actual purchase accounting for reference)



Competition model configuration comparison




江铃凯锐一拖二平板清障车 售后服务





1.Where your company?How do I order?
Answer: Our company is located in Suizhou, the majority of Jiangling Kay sharp one tow two truck s flat wrecker customers can come to our factory visits, satisfaction reorder; can also communicate good product, details and other issues through telephone sales staff, contract directly by fax.

2, your company with us there is no point of sale?We want to see how to do truck?
Answer: special trucks is different from trucks like the 4S shop set up sales companies in the Euro, which is decided by the special nature of the special vehicles.I use the company is now well-developed business network, customer orders as long as the call letter, truckried out in accordance with the truck purchase process announced.
The company will contract within the stipulated time frame will be a drag JMC KR complete the forhorse powerties of plate wrecker and vehicle hands of the customer.We will be based on the actual needs of users, create high-quality, personalized private truck for each user, you are welcome to visit our company and product technology manufacturing strength, we will provide you with the best service!

3.Your production cycle to be long?
Answer: depending on the specific Jiangling Kay sharp one tow two truck s flat wrecker complexity and the number may be, under normal circumstances our production cycle is 10-15 days, customers in urgent need of such a vehicle, you can consult customer service vehicle sales is in stock.

4. Users outside your door you can send trucks?
Answer: Yes, my company truck flow requirements of customers can order online, signed a purchase contract.My company has a wealth of specialized transport fleet, is the experience of older drivers, the availability of skilled driving skills and professional special vehicle operations, delivery vehicles within the specified time to the designated locations, vehicle inspection qualified customers pay the full amount.Shipping costs shall be borne by the customer down payment.

5.Your payment is kind of how?
Answer: The two sides signed a formal contract, advance payment of 30% of the total under-production, post-paid balance vehicle inspection.Of course, JMC KR delayed after two flat wrecker do we will inform customers to the company vehicle inspection, if the customer is not convenient since the mention of our team ap model by the driver to take the truck, our house delivered to the hands of users after confirmation and then pay.

More Wrecker Wrecker models and pricing, please contact telephone +86 18872992009 Wechat & Whatsapp, we will provide you with the best service and the best price!

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