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Jiangling JMC New Shunda Scissor Hydraulic Lifting Platform Aerial Work Truck

Parameter configuration table and picture display of JMC new Shunda Scissor Hydraulic Lift Platform Aerial Work Truck

Jiangling Scissor Hydraulic Lifting Platform Aerial Work Truck , also known as on-board hydraulic lifting platform aerial work vehicle , with a working height of 8-10 meters, mainly used for installing and repairing street lights, installing and erecting electronic eyes, pruning branches, working at heights in bridges and tunnels, etc. Vehicles that need to go straight up and down for high-altitude operations.

Working height: 8-10 meters

Chassis configuration : Jiangling JMC new Shunda double-row cab, 7.00 steel tires, oil brake, 5- speed box, front axle 1.5 tons, rear axle 3 tons, with exhaust brake, wheelbase: 3360mm , engine model: JX493ZLQ4 Power 80KW , 109 horsepower. Optional: moving, air conditioning.

Upload configuration:
1. Lifting height 8 meters: platform size: 1 meter×1.7 meters

2. Lifting height of 10 meters: platform size: 1 meter × 1.9 meters platform truck rying weight ≤ 500 kg, with H-shaped balance outriggers, each support is individually controlled, fully hydraulic operation.
Optional upper operation, upper operation is solenoid valve hydraulic control.

Functional use: installation and maintenance of street lights, installation and erection of electronic eyes, pruning branches, high-altitude operations in bridges and tunnels, etc., all vehicles that require high-altitude operations through straight up and down.

Remarks: This truck has a small , the overall dimensions of the truck : 5995×1960×2690 (mm), and the size of the truck go compartment: 2000×1780 (mm). Simple operation, practical and convenient, full hydraulic control, low failure rate.
The job requires high individual enterprises, private enterprises, landscaping units, the Euro grid, street management, etc.: Uses range.

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