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Jianghuai Kangling refrigerated truck (3.1m)

Parameter configuration table and picture display of Jianghuai Kangling refrigerated truck (3.1m)

JAC Xiaokangling rear two-wheeled refrigerated truck
Liuji 87 horsepower engine, 1.25L displacement, 5-speed gearbox, 1.5 ton rear axle, 175R14LT, liquid brake, electric power-assisted rear two wheels, original air conditioning, central control lock, electric doors and windows, electric adjustment with heated rearview mirror .
Vehicle size: 5360*1760*2600mm
Interior size: 3100*1560*1650mm
Inside and outside of the compartment, glass fiber reinforced plastic, insulation board in the middle, patterned aluminum plate at the bottom, aluminum alloy profile edging, door frame, door lock parts are stainless steel, optional -5 degree or -15 degree unit (Kelly, Hanxue, Hankook and other famous brands )

Main technical parameters of JAC HFC5030XLCPV7E2B3V refrigerated truck
Product trademark Jianghuai Company Name Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Co., Ltd.
Vehicle model HFC5030XLCPV7E2B3V Announcement batch 302
Dimensions (mm) 5360×1720,1760×2600 Tank volume (m3)
Total mass (kg) 3425 Rated mass (kg) 1495
Curb weight (kg) 1800 Front passenger (person) 2
Axle load (kg) 1230/2195 Exempt no
Top speed (km/h) 105 Fuel oil no
Fuel consumption (L/100Km) 9.6 Environmental protection Yes
Fuel type gasoline Emission Standards Euro five
other 1. The top of the compartment is closed and cannot be opened; 2. The right side is optional and the door is not opened; 3. The declared fuel consumption value (L/100km) corresponding to the engine LJ469Q-1AEB is 9.6
JAC HFC5030XLCPV7E2B3V refrigerated truck chassis parameters
Chassis model HFC1030PV7E2B3V Chassis brand JAC
Number of axes 2 Front track (mm) 1360
Wheelbase (mm) 2600 Rear track (mm) 1180
Number of tires: 6 Tire specifications 6.00-13LT 8PR,175R14LT 6PR
Approach departure angle 19.6/17.9 Front suspension and back suspension 1185/1240
Engine parameters of JAC HFC5030XLCPV7E2B3V refrigerated truck
engine model Engine manufacturer Displacement (ML) Power (ML)
LJ469Q-1AEB Liuzhou Wuling Liuji Power Co., Ltd. 1249 64
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