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Jianghuai Kangling LED advertising vehicle

Parameter configuration table and picture display of Jianghuai Kangling LED advertising vehicle

Jianghuai Kangling LED Publicity Vehicle
Chassis configuration: select JAC Kangling K1 808 cab, Euro five chassis, JAC original 117 horsepower engine, 3308MM wheelbase, 5-speed box, 4T rear axle, 6.50R16 tires, dynamic rotation, air brake, ABS, urea tank .

Standard configuration: vehicle size (mm): 5995x2020x3060, the left P6 full color screen has a width of 3 meters 84, a height of 1 meter 792, and a total area of 6.8 cbm meters (optional P6/P8/P10 full color screen), 0.5 cbm meters on the right P10 monochrome strip screen plus roller light box, 2-6 pairs of light paintings can be switched intelligently. The rear can be equipped with P10 single red or single white. The width is 1.28 meters, the height is 1.44 meters, and the area is 1.84 cbm meters. Equipped with ultra-quiet 8.5KW diesel generator or battery power supply, city power generation intelligent dual power switch. Waterproof floor, 4 waterproof and dustproof speakers, one industrial computer, one power amplifier console, circulating ventilation and cooling system, 5CM thickness composite steel frame cabinet. Composite steel frame box, the box body is arc or right angle steel frame structure, interior aluminum checkered board, floor is high-grade wooden floor, mechatronics control, circulating ventilation and cooling device, safe and intelligent internal and external network power distribution switching system, Gigabit media control system, shockproof industrial control computer (optional synchronous and asynchronous playback box), power amplifier and waterproof speaker. The exterior color of the truck is optional.

Optional configuration: double-sided, three-sided p8 full-color screen, screen can choose p6, p8, p10 color screen, high-power generator, single-lift or double-lift, hydraulic stage, manual stage, truck air conditioner, cabinet heating and cooling Air conditioning, luxurious interiors, etc.

Scope of application: advertising companies, corporate publicity, supermarket plazas, hotel publicity, new product recommendation, government publicity, road conditions command, technology and culture to the Euro side publicity, urban management law enforcement, community popularization, etc.

Vehicle name JAC LED advertising vehicle Vehicle model CLW5041XXCH5
Emission Standards Euro five Chassis model HFC1041P93K4C2ZV
Environmental notice No Dimensions (mm) 5995×2020×3060
Fuel type Diesel oil Cargo compartment size (mm) 4200*2000*2190
Total mass (kg) 4495 Tire specifications 6.50-16LT
Curb weight (kg) 4365 Rated passenger 2 people)
Wheelbase (mm) 3308 Maximum speed (km/h) 90
engine model HFC4DF1-2D2 Displacement (ml) 2544
Engine manufacturer Hefei Jianghuai Chaochai Power Co., Ltd. Power (kw) 86 (117 horsepower)

Screen Name Screen size (mm) Area ( ) Module specifications
Outdoor truck P8 color screen 3840 * 1792 6.88 256*192
Outdoor truck P6 color screen 3840 * 1728 6.64 192*192
Outdoor truck P5 color screen 3840 * 1760 6.8 160*160

Box material 5CM conforms to steel frame box Interior material High temperature resistant aluminum checkered board/wood, etc.
Electric control system Safe automatic switching between internal and external networks ventilation system Powerful exhaust fan exhaust skylight
Power amplifier brand Yvette broadcast power amplifier Audio brand Wanshengda waterproof sound column
Stage options Natural promotion 10 cbm meters (optional) Screen lift option Electronically controlled hydraulic lift/power take-off hydraulic lift
Media player system Amethyst player Floor material optional Wooden floor or aluminum checkered board
Power supply system optional Optional gasoline generator set, diesel generator set or battery power supply system.
Industrial control system optional Optional I4 high-end industrial control computer or U disk direct plug-in video playback system.


LED publicity vehicle installation stage and lifting system display diagram

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