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JD car build a solid position on the front line against the epidemic

March 29, 2020

In the national epidemic prevention and control work, the line is the most dangerous place.The front line of the epidemic prevention campaign of official vehicles as efficient hub, carrying the management command, epidemic prevention materials transportation, deployment of personnel and a series of responsibilities, while also facing the passenger even carry enormous pressure of cross-infection germs.

“For us to concentrate on services that save the country fight the epidemic, this cardinal in front, must not only care about the ‘money’ look.”In the face Jingdong Motors today launched the” war epidemic, I guarantee “public welfare activities, Beijing Beijing vehicles will celebrate then liqeni shop owner Li Songhai tell their own truth, but also struck a chord with Beijing car will store personnel across the country.Exclusive access to the opening line of the fight against SARS official vehicles, to provide ozone antivirus service free of charity, and has been the country over 300 stores in Beijing, the car will respond positively.

“Priority Service epidemic prevention public service vehicles, can not make money in the first place!”

“We resolutely Beijing car people will not do the onlookers epidemic!”Beijing municipal government work in combating the disease first deployment schedule released, all the staff to celebrate and then sets up the lake store positive response, decided to open for business serving the majority of first-line prevention of official vehicles.However, Taiwan Ching Lake store this important decision stems from a news scene: Wuhan scene when the epidemic ambulances tire blowout accident at work, because people can not find the professional construction, the fight against SARS workers replace the tires themselves very shocking.


  ”After the opening we can not make money in the first place, to give priority to prevention services of public service vehicles, concentrate on service!”This is Li Songhai issued to employees of the two” hard “.Up to now, the store offers free tire repair, rescue, car washing, disinfection and other prevention services for all official vehicles, and has come to do the ozone sterilization services for the prevention of the vehicle.

“Brothers, work, society needs us, we need the owner!”

Outbreak early, Bin brother of the vast majority of people with the same feelings: sad, suffering.But time waits for no man, eaten with the family reunion meal at the fifteenth night, Bin brother sent an important message in the working group: “Brothers, work!Our community needs!Owners need us!”

1:00 that night, Bin brother and Beijing car operations consultant will determine the reception flow during the fight against SARS, the night after a day of preparation, at all costs to get ready disinfectant, masks, gloves and other protective equipment, at the same time rescue vehicles, batteries, car disinfection equipment and other related equipment in a timely manner on the line. February 10 stores officially opened, Bin brother said, opening the biggest was supposed to provide a free service establishments for epidemic prevention vehicle line.


  After opening store disinfection machine 10 hours a day, I never stopped, after a few days of high-intensity work, tired Bin brother slumped in a chair, but genuinely pleased.

“I decided to take the initiative to do some things within its power.”

The face of a large number of vehicle disinfection service needs re-strikes, Shanghai, Beijing car will be stuck cat store owner Zhao Junhui ready to accept its Daoxing, placed the door does not make money, not official business, I took the car ran out of the house disinfection equipment.

“Although the epidemic is not optimistic, but I decided to take the initiative to do some things within its power.”Zhao Junhui mouth whatever thing is positive response Jingdong car launch of the” outbreak of war, I guarantee, “public service activities, disinfection services for the prevention and control of front-line duty vehicles with sterilization equipment.Zhao Junhui team of construction not only confined to the front-line duty vehicles, including public security door post, the RC community, as long as can do, go to great lengths to serve.


  Zhao Junhui talked about the end of the day 2 due to prolonged overload, resulting in damage to the equipment disinfection.After the device was not damaged Zhao Junhui call it a day, but the first time to contact Jingdong car transfer to the new equipment to continue service.

“Donations, free antivirus is our little mind.”

The face of sudden epidemic, Mianyang Beijing car remote east of the original bridge will shop owner led store employees donated 100 bottles of disinfectant for medical alcohol and 60 bottles of 500ml to 1500ml of Mianyang City Youth Volunteers Association.

“Materials, while small, but we try our best to be the greatest mind.”The talkative boss but also to respond to public service activities Beijing car will organize the store staff on-site service, to be free disinfection epidemic prevention in the line of official vehicles.


  Including Guangdong, Hubei, Chongqing, Shandong, Sichuan and other places of the country and more Beijing-Tokyo car will be in good professional services for the prevention of public service vehicles at the same time, also donated a large epidemic prevention materials to the relevant public institutions.When a reporter asked, there is no time because of overload, even without rewarding work and cause conflicts or dissatisfied, a number of Beijing car owners would seem to say the same truth: “Love and hope eventually spread of the epidemic than lay the foundation for faster development in the future will be paid off.”

It is understood that Beijing Tokyo car will be Jingdong’s professional car maintenance service stores, adhering to the “transparent service, fast curing,” the service concept, to build the car after the integration of online and offline service network.Now in 25 provinces, 92 cities, the deployment of nearly 600 + stores, customers rate 99.8%.Jingdong relying on its strong platform capabilities, and resources to market long-term accumulation of the car, the Beijing-Tokyo car will continue to be bold and innovative model based upgrade “product + service” will build Jingdong – vehicle – car eco-life, so that consumers who feel more professional and better service.


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