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JAC sales truck parameter configuration table and picture display


Detailed parameters of JAC mobile trucks

Basic parameters
Vehicle model: CLW5040XCCH5 dining truck
Overall vehicle size (length×width×height): 5.95×2.02×3.45m
Description: It can be used as single-sided, double-sided and three-sided sales windows. Various styles of shelves can be made as needed. It can also be installed with kitchen equipment such as integral kitchen cabinets, stoves, range hoods, sinks, and freezers to become a mobile dining truck .
Chassis parameters
Chassis model: HFC1041P93K4C2ZV
Emission Standards: Euro five
Fuel type: Diesel oil
Wheelbase: 3308(mm)
engine model: HFC4DF1-2D2 Jianghuai Chaochai 117 horsepower
Maximum horsepower: 117
Maximum power: 86(KW)
Tire specifications: 7.00R16
Dedicated functions: The vehicle is used for cooking food, catering processing, and the internal equipment of the truck riage is equipped with generators, freezers, cold drinks machines, vending stands, cooking utensils, etc.


The truck riage is a three-layer sandwich structure, the outer plate is 1.2 cold-rolled steel plate, the middle is 5 cm of fire-resistant heat insulation material, the inner plate is 304 food grade stainless steel, the floor is a three-layer composite structure, the bottom layer is 3.5 mm steel plate, and the middle layer is 1.2 cm Bamboo plywood. The surface layer is a 2.5-thick aluminum checkered plate. Equipped with ventilation windows on top of the stainless steel ladder top guardrail.

In addition, the truck can be equipped with air conditioning, independent ultra-quiet engine (or spare battery), sealing machine, soymilk machine, oven, water boiler, disinfection cabinet and a series of catering and kitchen equipment.

It is suitable for weddings, celebrations, parties, schools, military units, industrial parks, commercial office areas, various wholesale markets, tourist attractions, wild places and other places with strong mobile demand and difficult dining. Each catering truck can deliver 200-1000 people. .

Internal device configuration:

1. Internal circuit, socket, power switch, LED lighting

2. A set of 260L stainless steel water purification tank

3. A set of two eyes for fuel-burning stove. Caliber 32

4. A dual-purpose rice steaming truck t with 12 floors of electricity (220V lighting electricity) and gas (liquefied petroleum gas)

5. Vehicle water system, booster pump

6. Stainless steel truck flat refrigerator.

7. Stainless steel vegetable washing sink

8. Stainless steel 120L sewage collection tank with lower drain

9. Strong stainless steel smoke exhaust machine

10. Stainless steel console

(The above equipment is the standard configuration of our company, and different equipment can be equipped according to customer requirements)

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