JAC Kangling small road sweeper

JAC Kangling small road sweeper is a small road sweeper modified on the basis of JAC Kangling X1 chassis. The car has 2 square garbage bins and 0.5 square water tank. Blue card, driving with C license, it is an ideal small road sweeper for residential property, factory area, market and other sanitation departments. JAC Kangling small road sweeper, JAC 2000-3000 liters road sweeper

JAC Kangling small road sweeper parameter configuration table and picture display

JAC KanglingSmall road sweeperIt is a modified model based on the JAC Kangling X1 chassis.Small road sweeper, The car has 2 square garbage bins and 0.5 square water tank. The body is small and lively, and it is easy to walk around the streets. It has a blue card and a C license to drive. It is an ideal small size for residential property, factories, markets and other sanitation departments.road sweeper.

JAC Kangling small road sweeperJAC Kangling small road sweeper
Chassis configuration: JAC Kangling x1 single-row new cab, 2600mm wheelbase, equipped with Liuzhou Wuling LJ4A15Q6 gasoline engine, 113 horsepower gasoline engine, power 83kw, 1.5 displacement, euro VI emission, 5-speed gearbox, 175/75R16 rear Twin tires, power steering, central locking, electric doors and windows, original air conditioning, ABS.
Special configuration: 2 cubic meters of dust box, 0.5 cubic meters of water tank; 4 central sweeping discs, rear suction cups, Sanyo cycloid motor, Yunnei auxiliary engine, Schneider control switch, Heprius solenoid valve group, continuously variable automatic clutch, Maintenance-free centrifugal fan, stainless steel dustbin, Polaris electronic water pump, dustbin lifting dump, tail LED arrow light, manual pump emergency system.

vehicle vehicle name JAC Kangling small road sweeper
Dimensions 4780×1600×2140(mm)
total mass 2910kg
curb weight 2730kg
Load quality 50kg
front suspension/rear suspension 985/1195 (mm)
approach/departure angle 24/16°
chassis brand JAC Kangling X1
Chassis model HFC1031PW5E1B3ZS
cab Kangling X1 single row
number of occupants 2 people
wheelbase 2600mm
tire 175/75R16LT 8PR (rear double wheel)
gearbox 5th gear
air conditioner
Jianghuai Kangling X1 cab is 1560 wide, 2600 wheelbase, Liuqi 113 horsepower, electronic steering assist, air conditioning, five-speed gearbox, oil brake, original power take-off, rear twin tires.
Chassis engine engine Liu Ji 113 horsepower (LJ4A15Q6)
Engine manufacturer Liuzhou Wuling Liuji Power Co., Ltd.
Fuel type gasoline
power/displacement 83kw/1.499L
maximum torque 147N.m
auxiliary engine model Yuchai 57KW
tops Water tank rated capacity 0.5 m³
Rated capacity of trash can 2m³
cleaning width 2.5m
work ability 45000-90000m2/h
maximum inhaled particle 110mm
cleaning efficiency ≥95%
Working speed 3-25km/h
Maximum discharge angle of waste bin 45°
Optional It can be equipped with front flushing and rear spraying, front spraying, rear spraying, etc.
*Note: This parameter is standard by the manufacturer and can be customized according to customer needs.

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