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JAC Junling Flatbed One Tow Two Wrecker Truck

JAC Junling Flatbed One Tow Two Wrecker Parameter Configuration Table and Picture Show

JAC Junling flatbed one-to-two wrecker is modified by JAC Junling series 3815mm wheelbase chassis, 4 tons top mounted, flat one-to-two structure, can tow and truck ry two small truck s at the same time, it is a traffic police team, 4S shop, high-speed company , Insurance companies, urban management, etc., tow trucks are the first choice for clearing and transshipment of small truck s.


JAC Junling flatbed one-to-two wrecker is also called flatbed wrecker , trailer, rescue vehicle , flatbed trailer, etc. The vehicle has a flatbed one-to-two structure, and can truck ry one on the flatbed, and the rear arm can also be Drag another one.

Chassis configuration: JAC Junling E6 or V7 wide body cab, 3815mm wheelbase, optional Weichai 130 horsepower or Yunnei Dewei 156 horsepower diesel engine, 6-speed gearbox, 7.50R16 steel wire tires, air brake, with air conditioning, ABS.
Dedicated configuration: One-to-two flat barrier wrecker structure, 4mm checkered plate (or 3mm stamping plate), plate length 5.6 meters, plate width 2.3 meters, a pair of auxiliary wheel trolleys, hydraulic winch 4 tons, 25 meters steel wire rope, double-sided linkage operation , A tool box, 6 binding belts, a pair of seven-character tire holders, and 2 work lights.
Optional configuration: optional full floor structure flat panel, optional LED long-row engineering yellow warning light, imported multi-way valve, drag fork, drag fork seat, chain hook, hand throttle, hand washing box, etc.

Main technical parameters of JAC Junling flatbed wrecker
Vehicle model CLW5080TQZH5 Flatbed One Tow Two Wrecker Truck Announcement batch 314
Dimensions (mm) 7379,7480×2350×2370 Plate length 5.6 meters
Total mass (kg) 8280 Rated mass (kg)
Curb weight (kg) 5260 Front passenger (person) 3
Axle load (kg) 3000/5280 Exempt no
Top speed (km/h) 100 Fuel oil Yes
Fuel consumption (L/100Km) Environmental protection Yes
Fuel type Diesel oil Emission Standards Euro five
other Lifting weight (kg): 2825; rear extension of this truck : 101mm.
Optional swing arm plate and back block plate,
Protective material: Q235A truck bon steel, connection method: the left and right sides are connected by welding, and the rear protection is replaced by a special device (rear bracket), so the rear protection is exempt.
Chassis parameters of JAC Junling flat wrecker truck
Chassis model HFC1081P91K1C5ZV Chassis brand JAC
Number of axes 2 Front track (mm) 1685
Wheelbase (mm) 3815,3365,4150 Rear track (mm) 1600
Number of tires: 6 Tire specifications 7.50-16,7.50R16,8.25R16 14PR
Approach departure angle 24/13 Front suspension and back suspension 1085/2479
Engine parameters of JAC Junling flat wrecker truck
engine model Engine manufacturer Displacement (ML) Power (ML)
WP3Q130E50 Weichai Power Yangzhou Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. 2970 96
D30TCIE1 Kunming Yunnei Power Co., Ltd. 2977 115
White version of JAC Junling flat wrecker truck
Optional yellow paint JAC Junling flat wrecker truck
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