JAC 8 cbm compression garbage truck


  JAC Junling 8 cubic meters compression garbage truck

chassis configuration: JAC Chun bell E6 chassis converted Waste compactors HNY5080ZYSH5, wheelbase 3815mm, horse power Guo five WEICHAI 130 EFI engine, breathe brake, clutch booster, moving forward, 6-speed transmission, 7.50R16 steel tire with the spare tire, the original air-conditioning.Vehicle cab with high 2270mm, 2460 widening the width, the effective volume of 8 cbm .Into the basement, through the height limit, the ease of 8 cbm basement unique compression garbage truck models.


  JAC Junling 8 cubic meters compression type garbage truck

loaded configurationWuhan high manganese steel casing material, a material thickness of the side plate 3mm, bottom 4mm, box loading capacity: 9 cubic meters meters (about 5 tons garbage, by weight of different types vary, GB 240 liters can be loaded trash 110-120 bucketful).By the feeding mechanism, the compression mechanism composed of a hydraulic mechanism, a discharge mechanism, pumps, tanks, control valves and other components.A feeding mechanism by a bracket, a link mechanism, a cam, hooks etc., under action of the cylinder, the trash bins automatically flip poured into the hopper.

JAC 8 cbm compression garbage truck

  JAC Chun bell 8 cubic meters advantage for 5-ton compression garbage key parts of the vehicle:


  1, blade: strong crushing new serrated blade, the intermediate ribbed, for tree branches can, bottle crushing, high-strength steel member, more durable;


  2, dozing: The materials 400,710, Q235 truck bon intensity is higher than three times;


  3, filler: truck 6 side compressor filler volume 0.8 Foton, Foton Cart 0 8.95 cbm , 10 cbm 1 truck .2 side, a vehicle side 12 to 14.5 cbm ;


  4, the slide plate: high strength nylon internal, external iron;


  5, lifting system: the installation of two-cbm balance valve, ensures a smooth rise and fall and rise in the truck riage prevents the damage of the pipeline rupture;


  6, the control system: water resistance to electric power, weather resistance, opForland ting forms.


  Automatic: continuous opForland tion.


  Manual: moving a point of time;

JAC 8 cbm compression garbage truck

  JAC Junling 8 cubic meters Waste compactors special performance:


  Electromechanical vehicle using hydraulic integration technology, by means of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic linkage control system, and by filling the garbage into dozing other means, crushing and flattening.And refuse to squeeze into the compartment and compaction and shirk.Sewage collection tank bottom filler, water may flow in the compartment where the (fine prevent sewage leakage), can be discharged through the outfall unloading trash in a landfill.The key components imported member, having a pressure, sealing, easy to opForland te, safe, etc..


  Unloading cycle is a key opForland tion, the control opForland tion of the electric system is divided into control and manual control, the manual control can prevent normal opForland tion the electronic control system failure.


  Unloading garbage at the landfill, install our patented technology a key unloading system, the trash can in the body and clean up all the garbage filler.Unloading garbage no longer a spade shovel, hoe dug.

JAC 8 cbm compression garbage truck

  JAC Junling 8 cubic meters compression garbage truck advantages:


  (1) compression and strong: The truck uses shoveling back-pressure, two-cbm compression (compression more domestic truck does not have this feature), the compression ratio up to 1: 2.5 above, the compressed garbage can reach more than 600 ~ 800Kg / cubic meters meter.


  (2) Scientific design: the use of three-dimensional computer simulation software design, scientific analysis and calculation of garbage movement by force, designed stiffness, high strength, excellent perspective of force by the push and shovel blade structure.Chassis truck and a reasonable installation, easy handling.


  (3) the exact materials: using a plasma cutting CNC cutting machine, to ensure the accuracy of product dimensions.Tank CO2 gas shielded welding in all automatic welding, the welding quality and reliable to ensure the strength of the weld and the appearance of the envelope, sealing - the weld does not.


  (4) weight: the main hopper member, shoveling, filling is made of high-strength manganese from Q345A, solid structure, light weight, high strength.


  (5) Environmental resistance: the China for genForland ting large amounts of sewage garbage compression, the height of the sealing design of the envelope and the back door, while the design of a large capacity recovery tank is closed, water tank installed on both sides of the stainless steel ball, to facilitate the discharge of sewage avoid the result of secondary pollution caused by sewage drain.


  (6) Reliability: high-quality Euro standard envelope truck bon steel plate and high-strength alloy steel plate Wuhan Iron and Steel production of core components are used first-line brand accessories: Yang Mei states (or import Italy) multi-valve, high pressure hose (Guangzhou Tianhe ), an opForland tion button, Eaton fittings, Taiwan pneumatic combination valve opForland ting system Siemens electrical and electronic components, domestic multistage shoveling cylinder (building workers cylinder), to ensure reliability and service life of the vehicle.

JAC 8 cbm compression garbage truck

  (7) ease of opForland tion control: job control truck tridge are installed in the cab and the rear, the job control box cab may control the discharge and pushing opForland tion mode selection, job control box rear filling means and pressure control provide barrel institutions work, using easy to opForland te; especially in the landfill, workers need to get - to complete a dump.


  (8) advanced electronic control systems and safety: Imported PLC (programmable logic controller) integrated control, the PLC control circuit genForland tes, and uses the logic circuit to ensure opForland tion of each instruction executed in order, only external line connection, reducing the failure rate, to avoid accidents caused by misuse, improve the reliability; emergency stop button specially provided trash can working pressure filling apparatus is stopped or in any state in any position, with the hydraulic lifting of the filler safety circuits prevent pipe burst, filler sudden drop caused by accidents, to protect workers, equipment safety.


  High (9) work efficiency: filling opForland tion cycle time of less than 30 seconds, a dump cycle time of less than 45 seconds, the cup fill large capacity.


  (10) Economy: an accelForland tor control engine power output to achieve automatic control by an electrical control system, to ensure that each of the garbage truck in its working state, the engine can automatically select accelForland tion and an idle state, to avoid power losses and heat genForland tion systems, fuel reduced, the economy is good.


  High (11) finish paint, strong adhesion.The tank truck and Annex metal shot peening, coating the polymer primer and finish quality, strong adhesion, good corrosion resistance, and film uniformity, lasting bright colors, able to withstand moisture, dust, salt spray and other adverse environmental.


  (12) Cost: Our compression garbage truck products can reach the advanced level of similar products at affordable prices, with outstanding value for money.

JAC 8 cbm compression garbage truck

  The vehicle is equipped with two sets of control systems:


  1, a hydraulic system manual (electronic control system can be used to prevent manual hydraulic system case paralysis);


  2, the electronic control system (with Germany's Siemens electrical control system, can be reduced by one opForland tor, a person can opForland te the entire vehicle system to automatically compress and reduce annual labor costs of about 3-4 million);

JAC 8 cbm compression garbage truck

  Flip mechanism may be optional according to user requirements:


  ①, 240L or 660L hanging a plastic trash GB reversing mechanism (optional sealing cap);


  ②, hanging drum-type flip mechanism (optional sealing cap);


  ③, swing arm turning mechanism (garbage bucket volume of about 3 cubic meters meters);


  ④, dustpan bucket reversing mechanism (Advantages: easy to flip loose ground garbage);


  ⑤, sealed garbage bucket tilting mechanism.

JAC 8 cbm compression garbage truck

  ◆ Service: In the case of strictly follow the user manual, normal opForland tion, from the date of one year from the date of purchase, due to the design, manufacture, assembly causes mechanical damage and all product quality problems, the timely response to our service personnel to confirm the the implementation of three bags of service, specific services are as follows:


  1, three bags of product quality and service period to repair the main, repairs Shipping (not including wearing parts and electrical parts).


  2, lifetime warranty.More than during the repair of the product, the need to replace parts only charge fees related costs.


  3, chassis (travel section) Professional service: in the local "Dongfeng two steam technology service station", "FAW FAW service station" supply chassis and other enterprises designated technical service stations normally take the insurance, maintenance.Address Refer to the lorry "warranty booklet".


  4, special equipment part: three bags of the -sales service for one year, our service department the accepting user requests, will be assigned to the professional maintenance staff to serve you.※ For more information and pictures, please communicate with me directly, the above product description is for reference only, please set the truck to the contract shall prevail.


JAC 8 cbm compression garbage truckJAC 8 cbm compression garbage truckJAC 8 cbm compression garbage truck


JAC 8 cbm compression garbage truck

Compression garbage truck tail structure:

1, hanging the bucket structure (240L with trash, hanging double barrel)

2 large garbage bucket landing

3, dustpan flip bucket

4, the structure of the swing arm (hook arm with garbage bucket)

Sections of compressed garbage truck work pictures


JAC 8 cbm compression garbage truck

Description of compressed garbage truck works:When the compressed powder funnel up body with trash garbage truck, a blade opening, the blade slide drive moves downward together, crushing the garbage, and the first compression insert, the rotary blade forward further compacted trash, the blade in place with slide moves upward, the trash compactor and loaded into the hopper, and then returned to the starting position.The entire work process automation, while continuous pressure to fill garbage, shoveling role in pressing force to overcome the back pressure step-back, two-cbm garbage achieve uniform compression and fill the trash.When the garbage truck at the compression process (or disposal) site garbage discharged, packed lift, a shoveling moved backward in the horizontal direction in the garbage bins Release.


Compression garbage truck Encyclopedia


Compression garbage truck vehicle is fully sealed, self-compressed, self-dumping, all the compression process of the sewage effluent into the truck , the more thorough solution to the problem of waste transportation in the process of secondary pollution, to avoid inconvenience to people , key components are imported member, having a pressure, sealing, easy opForland tion, safety, etc., the optional reversing bucket hanging mechanism or flip mechanism garbage bucket.

Since the compression type garbage truck mounted complex structure, since the large mass, and therefore, the design of the vehicle chassis high technology should be preferentially selected, the power is good, since the light quality, higher cost domestic chassis: high strength material to reduce the since the quality coat; small fender, trim, and other auxiliary cover member density can be injection molded parts, the use of a higher degree of integration of parts, and to reduce the space occupied by the self mass, while facilitating the improvement of the hydraulic system work performance.

Compression garbage truck is divided into: the compression loading garbage truck, garbage truck docking compression, compression bucket hanging garbage truck, garbage truck side mounted compression type compression ChengLi refuse truck manufacturers may be produced according to different requirements of the users tonnages garbage truck, by tonnage divided into: eight tons Waste compactors, 3 tons Waste compactors, 5 cbm Waste compactors, 5 t Waste compactors, the 8-ton compression garbage truck, 8 cbm Waste compactors truck s, 10 tons compression garbage truck, garbage truck compression 153, Dongfeng 145 compression garbage truck, garbage truck 3-cbm compression, compression garbage truck 12 side, for 15-ton compression garbage trucks.Divided by brand: Dongfeng FYC compression garbage truck, compression garbage truck Chu Sheng Jiang quasi-compression garbage truck, Foton compression garbage truck, compression garbage truck Shaanxi Auto, Dongfeng compression garbage truck, Dongfeng days Kam compression garbage truck, the FAW of compressed garbage truck, set in the compression garbage truck equate into providing you compress garbage truck pictures, how much compression garbage truck design, compression garbage truck -er compression garbage truck, compression garbage truck where, the eight compression garbage truck quotes, 8 cbm Waste compactors -er 10 cbm compression garbage truck quotes.


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JAC 8 cbm compression garbage truck

Compression garbage truck salient features and benefits:

1,Simple collection methods: A change in the place dirty city streets to revive the trash, to prevent secondary pollution.

2, high compression ratio, Loading capacity: The maximum crushing pressure of 12 tons, the amount of load corresponding to the non-compressed garbage discharge with twice the half-ton.

3, opForland tion automation: The computer control system, filling all rows for an unloading opForland tion one driver-opForland ted, semi-automatic and fully automatic setting can be two modes of opForland tion, not only to reduce labor intensity sanitation workers, but also greatly improves the working environment.

4, the economy is good:When the work equipment, the computer control system automatically controls the throttle.

5, double insurance systemUsage opForland ting system has a computer control and manual manipulation of the dual function, greatly protect and improve vehicle:.

6, reversing mechanism:With optional configuration trash (or bucket) inverting mechanism


Factory Corner

JAC 8 cbm compression garbage truck

The company is located in Hubei Cheng Li Yan Emperor Shen Nong, the ancient music of bells Township, historical and cultural city - Suizhou in Hubei Province, where there are eight wonders of the ancient world - bells, now has a dedicated domestic auto manufacturers - Hubei green special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd.."In exclusive licensing clean truck " for five consecutive years were rated as "consumer satisfaction with products in Hubei Province", Hubei Province to obtain "Credible Enterprise" title, was the tenth of Hubei Province, "customer satisfaction" title, passed Commercial Bank of China AA corporate credit rating.Special Purpose Vehicle Company products throughout the 29 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and repeatedly exported to Vietnam, Korea, Laos, Burma, Ethiopia, the United Arab Emirates, Sudan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Congo, El Salvador, Iraq and other countries.Higher market share.Companies adhere to the "quality of survival, reputation and development, technological innovation road, a service brand" business philosophy, "integrity, pragmatic, innovative, progressive" for business purposes, and constantly improve their product quality, develop to meet market demand Wumart price Lim versatile special Purpose Vehicle.


JAC 8 cbm compression garbage truck

JAC 8 cbm compression garbage truck

JAC 8 cbm compression garbage truck

JAC 8 cbm compression garbage truck

JAC 8 cbm compression garbage truck


Service commitment:


We follow quality policy is: "products is our eternal goal, customer satisfaction is our relentless pursuit of quality service is our commitment."To this end, we make the following commitments:

Free maintenance program and the time limit

1, free warranty: one year.

2, time tracking service: life.

3, customers pay from the date of the vehicle's use, in normal use, free repair within one year, more than six months, and only pay part time charge.

4, 24-hour service: Our customer is always right for the purpose of service, customer truck e, truck e for each trolley service.


Service Guarantee:


I hereby solemnly promise: Where the sale of the Company's products, are guaranteed the Euro on the truck d, such as a company truck because I can not issue the license, a full refund and compensation for loss of customers.All models are made of original chassis, the company strictly on product quality, the -sales by the company responsible in the end.Upload part free one-year warranty, the -sales service within 24 hours to reach outside the province 48 hours to arrive, to provide technical guidance for life, lifetime cost of parts supply.


Repair service mode


First, the chassis by the chassis part of a joint warranty service stations in the Euro, are lorry chassis warranty booklet, contact directories and other service stations nationwide.

Second, the upload part borne by the company or thirty thousand kilometers a year of free home repairs.All tops questions directly coordinated to send staff home maintenance and workshop of the plant by the company.

Third, for users in remote areas can not be timely home maintenance, we will authorize a special service point in the vicinity of the user, all warranty repair costs paid by the company.

Fourth, for a small customer's own broken down can handle, I can first pay maintenance costs, like maintenance by the customer to the point of processing solutions.


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JAC 8 cbm compression garbage truck


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