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JAC 5.6 m flatbed wrecker

JAC 5.6 m flatbed wrecker


  JAC 5.6米平板清障车 前侧图

JAC 5.6 m plate wrecker front side of FIG.

  JAC 5.6米平板清障车 工厂实景

Cheng Li Group is a truck, education, investment as the mainstay of the company, ChengLi Special Automobile Co., Ltd. is an important part of the process of the Group, is the way of the main pillars of the Group’s auto sector enterprises.In 2010, ChengLi Special Automobile Co., Ltd. covers an area of 500 acres, in the book more than 2,000 employees, production and marketing of various types of special purpose vehicles of more than 10,000 units, the output value of one billion yuan, export 15 million yuan, 20 million yuan turned over to state tax.
ChengLi Special Automobile Co., Ltd., NDRC designated professional production of various kinds of special-purpose vehicles manufacturers, large dedicated truck factory.Well-known landscape, petrochemical, municipal sanitation special vehicle manufacturers.The company has the right to export their own products occupy a large number of foreign markets, leading varieties sprinkler, tanker, truck mounted crane, refrigerated trucks, wrecker trucks, flatbed trucks, suction truck, sewage suction trucks, garbage trucks, sweep bus, truck, dump truck, coach trucks, semi-trailer, fire truck, chemical trucks, powder material truck, concrete mixers, pressure vessels and other 18 series over 300 varieties of models.Registered trademark “Cheng Liwei” brand, won the well-known trademarks in China, Dongfeng, FAW of the company’s important cooperation partner, dedicated primarily engaged in various types of vehicle manufacturing business, while sales of all major vehicle manufacturers and accessories.


  JAC 5.6米平板清障车 程力集团

  JAC 5.6米平板清障车 车  Model 实景

  JAC 5.6米平板清障车 前侧图

JAC 5.6 m plate wrecker front side of FIG.

  JAC 5.6米平板清障车 演示效果

JAC 5.6 m flatbed wrecker demonstration effect

  JAC 5.6米平板清障车 前侧图

JAC 5.6 m plate wrecker front side of FIG.

  JAC 5.6米平板清障车 车  Model 细节

  JAC 5.6米平板清障车 车  Model 细节

  JAC 5.6米平板清障车 底盘细节

  JAC 5.6米平板清障车 底盘细节

  JAC 5.6米平板清障车 上装细节

  JAC 5.6米平板清障车 上装细节

JAC 5.6 m flatbed wreckerTops configuration:
JAC 5.6 m plate wrecker, the length of the truck plate 5.6 m, width 2.33 m, use of a new disposable plates can be molded or stamped sheet 4 checkered old version thick, flat truckrying capacity of 4 tons.Tops 4 tons, four tons hydraulic winch, the rope 25 m, bilateral linkage operation, the auxiliary wheel trolley with a pair of forks, 7 a pair of set of strap 4 lorry tools, work lights two, with long yellow electronic rows of led lights.I wrecker adoption of advanced foreign skilled technology products, production processes, all imports of seal hydraulic parts, new skid plates, reinforced beams fixed to enhance the truckrying capacity, and the load platform surface using die stamping, stamina and strong deformation, we in the Euro with after-sales service sites, and to ensure that available on the truckd.


  JAC 5.6米平板清障车 前侧图

JAC 5.6 m plate wrecker front side of FIG.

JAC 5.6 m flatbed wreckerVehicle issue:
Chassis certification, vehicle certification, unified Euro invoices motor vehicle, vehicle tools, vehicle warranty manuals, service stations nationwide directory.
Buyers must see:JAC 5.6 m flatbed wrecker announcement has been through the Euro environmental standards, can be assured the families, because part of special vehicles, different engine types, so there will be differences in vehicle prices.Please contact us before purchase, we will recommend the most appropriate vehicle configuration and the best price for you according to your needs.

JAC wrecker evaluation of functional articles:Flat one tow two truck s wrecker roadside assistance is a special truck, you can specify up trailer containing two trucks during the job, usually applied to the road, high efficiency, is the main force wrecker market, here we come simple understanding of what this truck loaded part.

JAC flatbed tow a jacket with two wrecker some brief generous mainly in construction, with meticulous precision based on the details, in the selection was used mainly to strong, to back the truck more stable process, whether it is small truck or suv can easily take up the medium-sized truck, the other truck platform choice of four thick diamond plate or a new one-time stamping molding board, two platforms are designed non-slip rugged panel enhances each other’s friction, higher safety performance.



Vehicle Specifications

product name

JAC flatbed wrecker



The total mass


Curb weight


Tablet sizes


Tablet thickness

4A thick

Hoist Specifications




Chassis Specifications

Chassis Name

JAC brand

Chassis Type


Number of axes


Number of tires

7(Including the spare tire)



Tire specifications




Rear axle


Fuel type

Diesel fuel


Breathe brake

Emissions standards

GB17691-2005Euro Ⅴ, GB3847-2005

engine model

Engine Manufacturer




Weichai Power



Tops Basic Configuration

The standard configuration

4Tons of tops, with the winch4Ton,25M rope, auxiliary wheel truck pair7Word fork pair cbm socket pair of straps4Sets, chain hook, two work lights, yellow lights electronic engineering, vehicle tools set.

Optional equipment

Can be equipped with imported parts, drag forks, drag forks seat, Wash me,LEDLong EOD flash lights, the whole floor plate.


  JAC 5.6米平板清障车 购车流程




  JAC 5.6米平板清障车 购车流程

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