Iveco Motorhome/RV

The IVECO Brigade Van is refitted by domestic independent research and development design. The Toyota engine with international advanced technology has strong power, environmental protection and energy saving. The stylish exterior design reflects the classic aesthetics everywhere, and every detail of the body shows a strong business atmosphere. The large interior space and exquisite and luxurious home decoration provide you with a comfortable journey.

Iveco Motorhome/RV parameter configuration table and picture display

Iveco Motorhome/RV

Iveco Motorhome/RV

Vehicle form

Self-propelled truck avan

Dimensions (length×width×height) ( mm )

5990 × 2300 (2360) × 2995

Chassis model


engine model


Displacement/power ( ml/Kw )


Fuel type

Diesel oil

Drive form

Rear wheel drive

Shift form

Manual five gears

Wheelbase ( mm )


Wheel track (front/rear) ( mm )


Tire specifications


Maximum total mass ( kg )


Rated number of passengers

4-5 people (including driver)

Fuel consumption per hundred kilometers ( L ) ( 50km/h )

≤9 Constant velocity, without air conditioning

Maximum speed ( km/h )


Maximum number of sleepers


Front and back bed size ( MM )


Standard configuration

Sandwich composite body structure

External shower device

White glass fiber reinforced plastic outer panel

Dual voltage truck water heater (12V, 220V)

Floor leather

Toilet for RV (general)

Luxurious double sofa/luxury single sofa (fabric)

External water injection port for RV

Combination cabinets can lift the dining table

Clean water tank, gray water tank

Double bed

External water injection pipe assembly

Luxury window with external push (with screen window)

Interior lights/bedside lights/external lights/door step lights

Bathroom exhaust fan

Water level, voltage display panel

Dedicated hand-rolling awning

15m external cable

High-power driving air conditioner / overhead parking air conditioner

Smoke alarm/fire extinguisher

Refrigerator for RV Car DVD sound system,

Rear double bed

Reversing monitor GPS (all-in-one)

Passenger seat

24 inch LCD TV

High-power inverter (modified wave)

Ordinary fuel generator (Cape 3KW)

Imported vegetable sink assembly with cover

Inlaid induction cooker / range hood

Imported power management system

Optional configuration

Replace with imported generator (DOMETIC 2.6KW)

Satellite TV antennas in motion (C1, C2, C3)

Replacement of Dometic refrigerators and air conditioners

Change to high-power inverter (pure sine wave) &, nbsp;

Bike rack

Install ABS

22-inch TV in the back bed

Imported RV special toilet

Digital generator (Cape 3KW)

Rear tow hook

1. Iveco Euro IV chassis with strong power;

2. Adopt box-type seat belt design to ensure that the seat belt can move freely;

3. The board is a well-known brand product with an E1 formaldehyde content, and there is no peculiar smell in the truck ;

4. The circuit management system is imported from the United Euro s, with simple operation and good reliability;

5. The height of the whole vehicle is less than 3 meters, which is suitable for various overpass tunnels with good passability;

6. The water circuit system adopts German technology, and any problems can be easily repaired;

7. With large outdoor storage space, the maximum size is: 1550mm*890mm*920mm;

8. The special deck design can change the front part of the bed, the size of the bed is 1230mm*2130mm;

Iveco Motorhome/RV

Iveco Motorhome/RV

Iveco Motorhome/RV

It can undertake all kinds of RV orders with special requirements, and can also announce the RV on the all-wheel drive off-road chassis.

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