Iveco Flatbed One Tow Two Wrecker Truck


Iveco flatbed one-to-two wrecker parameter configuration table and picture display

Iveco Flatbed One Tow Two Wrecker Truck

Main technical parameters of Iveco flatbed wrecker truck with one for two

Nanjing Iveco single-row cab, the cab can accommodate 3 people

Nanjing Iveco 95KW, 130 horsepower EuroIV diesel engine,

Wheelbase 3950mm,

6.50R16 steel wire tire, smaller tire model to ensure lower trailer height and safer

The slab is 5.6 meters long and 2.3 meters wide,

4T hydraulic winch, 25m steel wire rope with self-locking steel hook,

Rear trailing arm, two sets of forks, two auxiliary tugs

The cab can be optionally equipped with engineering yellow warning lights and a megaphone in the cab

product name: HCQ5050TQZNJ wrecker truck Dimensions: 7860X2300X2467(mm)
Chassis model: NJ1054AJC Cargo compartment size: XX (mm)
Total mass: 5200(Kg) Approach/departure angle: 22.5/9(°)
Rated quality: (Kg) Front suspension and rear suspension: 960/2560(mm)
Quality of preparation: 3505(Kg) Maximum speed: 125(km/h)
Iveco flatbed one tow two wrecker chassis parameters
Chassis model: NJ1054AJC Fuel type: Diesel oil
Number of axes: 2 Front track: 1695(mm)
Wheelbase: 3950 Rear wheelbase: 1540(mm)
Number of passengers in the cab: 3 Number of springs: -/8,-/3,-/10
Number of tires: 6 Axle load: 1700/3500
Tire specifications: 6.50R16LT
Emission Standards: GB17691-2005 EuroIV, GB3847-2005
Iveco flatbed one-to-two wrecker engine parameters
engine: Engine manufacturer: Displacement (ml): Power (kw):
SOFIM8140.43S4 Nanjing Iveco Automobile Co., Ltd. 2798 95
Flatbed one with two Iveco wreckers other information
Optional swing arm plate device and rear barrier; lifting weight 1500kg, rear extension 390mm; protective device material: Q235. Due to the special structure of the vehicle, there is no need to install the rear lower protective device.

Iveco Flatbed One Tow Two Wrecker Truck
Iveco Flatbed One Tow Two Wrecker Truck
Iveco Flatbed One Tow Two Wrecker Truck
Iveco Flatbed One Tow Two Wrecker Truck


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