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Iveco bread refrigerated truck

Iveco bread-type refrigerated truck parameter configuration table and picture display

Iveco bread-type refrigerated truck adopts Iveco V35 Turbo Daily series chassis, single row, 130 horsepower engine, all blind windows in the truck go compartment, 110A motor, electric glass, 4KW air conditioner, 215R16LT tires (rear single tire), Iveco 2826.5 type gearbox , ABS, front solid disc and rear disc brake, fuel tank: 70L, rear double door. The cabinet can be made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, stainless steel, single temperature zone and dual temperature zone, and the double pressure bracket retains the cab air conditioning. The European light passenger base builds a heavy-duty box truck that can enter the city. The same level of truck has a large space and is convenient for modification. Iveco refrigerated truck with high cost performance in China.

Vehicle technical parameters
Vehicle name: CLW5040XLCN5 refrigerated truck Announcement batch: 297
Total mass 3750(Kg) Release date: 20170706
Rated contained mass 1165(Kg) Volume:
Curb quality 2390(Kg) Dimensions 4850×2000×2735(mm)
Front passenger: 3 (people) Cargo compartment size 2100×1580×1480(mm)
Anti-lock brake system: Have Load quality utilization factor 0.56
Fuel type: Diesel oil Emission Standards: GB17691-2005 Euro V, GB3847-2005
Approach / departure angle: 21/14.5(°) Front suspension/rear suspension: 960/1090(mm)
Number of axes: 2 Wheelbase: 2800(mm)
Number of tires: 4 Tire specifications: 215/75R16LT
Front track (mm): 1721,1740 Rear track (mm): 1692,1704
Axle load: 1530/2220 Maximum speed: 80,100,125(km/h)
other The side and rear are skirt structures, which interfere with the protection and can be exempted; the lower edge of the rear is 500mm above the ground; the fuel consumption value of the engine SOFIM8140.43S5 is: 12.38; the ABS system controller model: BOSCH ABS8, ABS9; ABS system Controller manufacturer: Bosch Automotive Parts (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. There is a high-strength isolation device between the cab and the truck go compartment, and the truck go window is closed; with the chassis, optional low top, optional side sliding door, high rear door, optional other refrigeration units with the same power, optional refrigeration units on top or bottom , Optional front face changes.
Engine parameters
engine model Engine manufacturer Displacement (ml) Power (kw)
SOFIM8140.43S5 Nanjing Iveco Automobile Co., Ltd. 2798 95
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