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Dov'è finito lo sterco in città?? L'autista del camion aspirante lo sa molto bene

febbraio 25, 2021

Le città sono densamente popolate, e ci saranno molti rifiuti domestici ed escrementi. Di solito possiamo vedere gli addetti alle pulizie che usano camion della spazzatura per raccogliere e trasportare i rifiuti, e inviare i rifiuti alle discariche e alle centrali elettriche dei rifiuti per lo smaltimento. Ma dov'è la grande quantità di escrementi prodotti dalla popolazione urbana? Let the driver of the suction truck come to tell everyone.

The disposal of urban population’s excrement should be more concealed than the disposal of domestic garbage. Septic tanks have been built in various communities in the city, and the excrement of people is collected in the septic tanks through pipes. After the excrement enters the septic tank, it will be deposited first, separating the residue from the water. The water will flow into the sewage plant along the underground pipeline for further treatment. The sediment remains in the septic tank for fermentation and decomposition.


The septic tank is the first place to treat feces, which will not pollute the urban environment, nor will it emit unpleasant smells to affect residents. Septic tanks are generally built in a very hidden location under the residential buildings in the community.

tuttavia, the septic tank is only the first stage of manure processing, and its capacity is limited. When the remaining sewage and solid residues are almost full, our suction truck will be dispatched. Fecal suction trucks come to various communities to collect the initially fermented feces and sewage in the septic tank and transport them to different places.

Part of the manure is sent to the fertilizer plant by the vacuum suction truck, and is made into organic fertilizer for the cultivation of crops. Part of the manure is sent to the biogas digester by the suction truck, and the manure is turned into biogas through anaerobic technology. Of course, more are sent to sewage treatment plants for further decomposition and purification.

We rarely see the collection and transportation of urban excrement, and it is not nonexistent. These dirty things have to go through numerous purification steps, and special cleaning personnel are responsible for processing, and vacuum suction trucks are responsible for transportation.

It is these unknown people that we can have such a clean and tidy living environment. You think the years are quiet, but someone actually helped us clean up the mess.

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